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      We Moved from Mumble to TeamSpeak!   10/06/2015

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  1. Honestly I will probably get one just because I am a fan of mlg and depending on the cost probably one for each system
  2. I hope so I wanna see some actual objective gametypes
  3. ok so im not big on gears and just found out it only has one gametype. do all the other gametypes suck ?
  4. this ! why start off with smoke if I can do barely anything with it
  5. Sun Down's Gears 3 Exhibition Analysis

    this will be my 1st gow actually trying some gb matches and see how it goes not really a gears fan but liked the gow3 beta compared to gow2
  6. vVv BTH

    yea congrats to BTH on their 3rd place finish. Really just wanted to see someone beat Instinct sadly it wasnt them
  7. Just to let you guys know Rod has already told me it will be there and I believe vVv has a big gears following. Hope to see some of you there
  8. Battlefield 3

    Interesting didnt know there was already a thread for this
  9. New here

    I'll wait a bit before I actually submit an application so I can get my post count up and possibly play with a few of you. Since I dont use twitter and dont really have too many other gamers on facebook
  10. Battlefield 3

    Never played a Battlefield but I've been seeing some videos on this game and it looks sick. I know someone who has the alpha and he doesnt get off it too often. He says the graphics are ridiculous Heres a video thrown together from the alpha enjoy
  11. New here

    Hey you guys you can call me Gunsounds thats also my gamertag. I've been hearing about vVv gaming for qutie some time now and even seen some of you at local lans like njhalo I work there. I've always wondered is there a way to get one of those shirts without being sponsored for free. If so theres a njhalo coming up that I'll be at and I see you guys are affiliated with them( for those of you who dont know what Im talking about its kotc/king of the couch) and I would love one of those shirts. I've always wanted to be a part of a gaming community that sponsors teams and theres not some bs about it and so far I've really never heard of vVv gaming being anywhere near that. Anyways I hope I can work my way up to gaining you guys love and respect and hopefully one day being apart of the sponsored or having the rights to say I am a vVv gamer..Thanks for your time everyone
  12. Welcome to the forums Gunsounds :)