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  1. SevenL

    Diablo 3 Open Beta Weekend (April 20th - 23rd)

    Sadly I missed this due to a busy weekend. How did everybody like it?
  2. SevenL

    Community Singles Tourney?

    I like the idea of this. I don't have any experience with organizing and tournaments but I would love to help!
  3. SevenL

    No fucks given. #dedication

    Demon hunterrrr <3 I'm excited for this! Hopefully this lasts longer than SWTOR
  4. SevenL

    vVv Gaming Wins Big in Columbus!

    Amazing job by everyone! This was one of the best experiences I ever had. I cannot wait for the next MLG event!
  5. SevenL

    Who all's going?

    Esoteric and I will be leaving early Friday morning. I'm excited!
  6. Congratz Reo! The final display of happiness was great. You and CD both did amazing! I'll be looking forward to see you at Columbus. Keep it up!
  7. SevenL

    best fight stick for mortal kombat

    I use this http://www.amazon.com/Xbox-360-Street-Fighter-IV-FightPad/dp/B001M22WMO for my controller. My brother suggested it over a stick and I loved it right away. They are like $20-30 at gamestop. I would suggest trying it out.
  8. SevenL

    best fight stick for mortal kombat

    Mostly an opinion. Many players use a standard fight stick. I've seen a handful of players at the tournaments use the classic mk sticks. I'd say half the players use standard playstation controllers. I personally use a madcatz fightpad because it's a nice setup and I have trouble using a fightstick.
  9. Sounds great, if I am not competing at that time I will definitely come!
  10. Great showing by both players. I had a great time down there. Next stop, Columbus!
  11. SevenL

    vVv Team Jersey Design - post your thoughts

    That looks awesome! Looks like the team did a good job in designing it!
  12. SevenL


    "Street Fighter x Tekken, trolololol Megan Man's Fan edition" I saw this a few days ago and thought it was a joke....
  13. SevenL

    MK9 Komplete edition interview with Ed Boon

    Well they did put mk9 to a rest for now. They haven't really done much at all in the past few months. Also they rumored working on another game due to the numbers of mk9. I highly doubt they will redo the net but since the latest patch it has been running much more smooth. You need to get back dep...I'm a loner online
  14. SevenL

    Hello Everyone! :)

    Very nice to see Forever in here! I don't get to see many XBL players on here but it's nice to see you. I saw many Forever play in an online tournament and you have a good reputation. I faced Forever King many times, he's a very good KL and I have much respect for him. Stay active on the fourms and I'll throw you a message on XBL for some matches when I get the chance.
  15. SevenL

    The Slab Easter Egg

    You're supposed to be able to see somebody in the chair. That is from what i have heard at least.