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      We Moved from Mumble to TeamSpeak!   10/06/2015

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  1. CNN Blames Starcraft 2 for Connecticut shooting

    They just want to point the finger at something. Violent games/sports/media is usually the victim of many things nowadays.
  2. Microsoft replacing Xbox Live voice chat with Skype

    This can either be very good, or one of those trial and error things. Personally I think this is a positive move if handled right. Im excited for this actually
  3. Oh shieet. Didnt see this coming, but then again I havent followed Obey news in a while. Good move for eNigma though, were a good name back in the day
  4. ex-OpTic "Rambo" leads RoughNeX

    I wonder what the terms of agreement were. Money was definitely thrown around here.
  5. I'll do it, I have past experience. Would love to chat about it sometime, Jordan. Skype maybe?
  6. Your fave present so far

    I got a nice looking clock, and a shit load of socks. Tube socks. Im so tough.
  7. An eSports Icon Needs Our Help

    Horrible thing to happen, especially in the most festive period of the year. I'd donate, but im pretty much a low income student at the moment. I hope it all works out for him!
  8. Voison's back.

    Oh, dear lord.. Hi
  9. OpTic Gaming drops........... Their Captain Rambo...

    Not saying anyone does this, but never make assumptions. Business is business, harsh, but true.
  10. Glon Graduates from vVv Gaming

    It's always sad to see any member leave, let alone a competitor at events. But as in life, everything will sort itself out. Best of luck! What will you be doing, and where will you be going, Glon?
  11. Halo 4. Like/Dislike. or Exited ot not exited?

    I feel its a great game overall, but there is definitely room for improvements on some parts of the game. It somewhat feels a little too slippery for movements, but that could just be me.
  12. Halo 4 team

    Hows this team doing? Might be interested if I have time, looks like fun
  13. Madden 13?

    I have the game, but I dont play it often enough
  14. What if money was no object?

    Well would there be anything set in place to replace or make up for it? What would be anyones incentive to do anything, if at all? Would every trade be done in bargaining? I get the concept, do something you enjoy rather than the money you get for it, but those questions are what first came to mind
  15. Tablets? Which would you buy?

    Whats your profession? More or less, why would you put down a tablet?