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  1. CoD vVv Online Tournament?

    without backing from administration i wouldnt even try to give a date, i doubt it will happen at all
  2. CoD vVv Online Tournament?

    im sure haha, i could imagine the lengthiness of it but I am serious about doing this if i had backing from administration, but dosent look too good honestly haha
  3. CoD vVv Online Tournament?

    I believe many people would have the same mindset haha
  4. CoD vVv Online Tournament?

    I think we'll have to wait until after FG4 if its going to happen at all. Without a prize it has to be at a point with little to no other events within a week of it. I also want vVv approval before we do anything or say anything official, and that dosent look too good either
  5. CoD vVv Online Tournament?

    Oohh I didn't mean like winner gets sponsorship, though that may seem good idt is economically the right choice for vVv being that a team that may not deserve such a sponsorship may have just been on a hot streak. I think if you had five tournaments and a single team placed t3 in all, THEN they might be considered for such a prize haha. I meant that vVv could get GamerGrub to throw in $x and call it the GamerGrub Cup haha you know what I mean?
  6. CoD vVv Online Tournament?

    Even like 4 vVv T-Shirts haha, just at first until the tournament can get an actual monetary sponsor
  7. CoD vVv Online Tournament?

    My thinking was with the weight of the name vVv in the title of the tournament, and scheduled around a period of time with few other major tournaments, teams would play for the fact that winning the vVv Cup (first thing that came to mind haha) would pull enough weight to be incentive to play in it. And only after a good showing with alot of coverage maybe a potential sponsor could be brought in to bring more incentive into the tournament. Another option to counteract the lack of prizes is having an entry fee. this would also keep away inexperienced teams that would not be willing to pay to enter. I think if ran correctly and covered properly we could really pull off a big showing. Just a thought, just my opinion.
  8. Gun Tierlist

    moved the AN-94 up 1 and Chicom down 1
  9. Gun Tierlist

    I havent had as much experience with the M27 so ill check it out, but the PDW is getting alot of playtime with pros and once you get used to it you see why its pretty ridiculous. while the fire rate isnt there, its power with accuracy puts down people with very good range. great obj gun
  10. CoD vVv Online Tournament?

    this is true. haha im sure, i just figured Id throw it out there. aah yes thats very true didnt take players from EU into consideration
  11. Back in Action

    sounds good thanks
  12. With all the manpower vVv has at it's disposal, between applicants wanting to show their worth, experienced and professional staff, and veterans of the game, scheduling and running a open tournament would be neither hard, nor costly on the vVv community. I think it's something worth looking into and would be glad to help with anyone in the administration that wish to go ahead with such an idea.
  13. Whats your Fave nade or Equipment ?

    because of the scorestreak dilemma i clinged at first to my semtex and concussions as any competitive player would, but soon found it hindered my play versus bouncing betties and shock grenades. However after painfully making a few changes i find the EMP grenade to be most helpful and versatile.
  14. Gun Tierlist

    This is my personal opinion, based on by experience, watching streams, and reccomendation. Feel free to debate and discuss. This is just based solely on the ARs & SMGs, without perks and attachments. Tier I: M8, MSMC, PDW, Skorpion EVO Tier II: MP7, Vector, AN-94,Type 25 Tier III: MTAR, FAL, M27 Tier IV: SWAT, SCAR, SMR, Chicom While it may be too early, I think it should be put out there. Also, I can finally say that Bo2 will indefinitely have a wide range of gun preference thanks not only to versatile weaponry but complimenting attachments, perks, and wildcards will make this a much more diverse and in depth strategy game. -Grimm
  15. Back in Action

    Hey guys, I know most of you either never met me or don't remember me, but I was a vVv member in early 2012 and got cut. A lot had been going on in my life and xbox had to come second. I've been trying to find my place between xbox and the real world (school, girlfriend, college applications) and Black Ops II has inevitably brought me back to the one place I know a few good guys would be playing this great game. There comes a day in every nieve gamers life where you realize your not going MLG, your never going to win a major tournament, and your walmart connection will never land you in TLN. I have always enjoyed playing Call of Duty, but the devastating cut slip from vVv seemed to be the end. I have found watching this game more than any other CoD to be exciting and intense, and want to be there when this game spins everything we know about competitive call of duty on it's head. My only goal is to follow this great sport that I have held so dear for so long, and have a damn good time doing it with a few guys to appreciate it as well. That said, I want to get back into the game, like REALLY get back into the game. Just as some background I placed rank 30 plat in solo league and a ragtag team of friends and I placed in top 20 gold. My Kdr is a 1.5, W/L is .9, and Im a solid support/ obj player. I'm looking for a strong team to take on league and/or GB with practices most nights and taking this 100% serious while having a f#$%in good time doin it. My gt is 'vVv Grimmm'. Hmu for scrims, pubs, or what ever im glad to play with anyone and everyone. Thanks guys hope to play with you soon, -Grimm