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    I can finally use the Shoutbox
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    Jackson Hickey
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    Simple Jaxon
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  1. Jaxon

    Thoughts of MW3

    Discuss what you think MW3 is going to be like at this stage.I thiink it is going to be bad,the skill gap is going to be closer then ever,maps look the same as MW2 ect.
  2. Jaxon

    Five Pillars of vVv Gaming

    Great work Jerry,I wish we get accepted
  3. Jaxon

    Attributes of a Good player

    In my case,GOOD INTERNET
  4. Jaxon

    My introduction to vVv! =D

    Welcome to vVv
  5. Jaxon

    vVv Reo Takes 2nd place at Evo2k!

    Nice guys keep the good work up
  6. Jaxon

    I need a coach in Black Ops

    Colossal is a beast and a great teacher
  7. Jaxon

    vVv Picks up Believe the Hype!

    Congratulation,Welcome to vVv
  8. I like BO's so much more then MW2 but I do play a bit of cod4 here and there to switch things up
  9. Hoping we get this Sponsership

  10. Jaxon

    My poem

    haha I havent watched danny phantom for ages. It wasnt a bad show
  11. Jaxon

    despize CGm - XBOX 360 Call of Duty Black Ops

    Yes,most of us from Despize aswell as Afterlife will be attending ACL Brisbane and it will be a great oppurtunity to get the vVv name out into the Australian Gaming Community. Details can be found here http://www.aclpro.com.au/_/acl-news/acl-brisbane-announced-r106
  12. Jaxon

    MW3 FAQ

    Very nice work. I just hope this game as a larger skill gap then MW2
  13. Jaxon

    MW3 Maps

    Looks alot like MW2 which I dont think is good.If this game wants to make a great impact on the CoD community it needs to be unique.At the moment it just looks like mw2 v2
  14. Jaxon

    Exposure CGi - CoD Black Ops

    Best of luck with your application.Yous would be a great addition to the vVv Community
  15. Jaxon

    Team Icons Of Vanity

    Nice organized app. Wish you guys the best of luck