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    I can finally use the Shoutbox

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    michael edwards
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    call of duty
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    16 BLOCKS
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    cold play
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    rugby league.<br />Gamer

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  1. oh my..Nice job SteelSeries great supporter
  2. slaapN


    Welcome bro
  3. yeah nice job man had a good read of that. From my experience as a leader that is pretty G
  4. slaapN

    Emergency Girlfriend Bday Gift issues

    Mate Flowers or Perfume
  5. Really great read. Should be very helpful and informative for anyone who is keen on Competitive. Keep it up
  6. slaapN

    New here

    Welcome to the vVv forums broo. Glad the community is growing
  7. slaapN

    Your opinions on Gow3

    from what I played of the BETA it was amazing. Im seriously going to hit up competitive on that.
  8. slaapN

    Rugby World Cup 2011

    Yes the ALL BLACKS will be the best and always will be the best. Australia as Colossal said are playing woefully at the moment. Giving away penalties like air and not taking their time.
  9. slaapN

    Captain America

    mm this movie was aight. But id say Green Latern was alot better if your looking for superheroe movies. But id give it a 3.5/5
  10. slaapN

    BelievVve The Hype

    Welcome to vVv boys. Ive loved following your team and your achievements for a while. Keep it up lads
  11. slaapN

    despize CGm - XBOX 360 Call of Duty Black Ops

    Sorry about that bro. My Laptop has been screwed for a while and I havent been able to post on anything Ill start now
  12. cod 4 by far however sound whoreing is easy but i think it adds a good element. u have to be silent and still out smart people without running at them
  13. slaapN

    Team Icons Of Vanity

    good luck with it guys
  14. slaapN

    despize CGm - XBOX 360 Call of Duty Black Ops

    Despize achievements are not YOUR achievements their down to the name, and its FACT that despize achieved all listed. thankyou!
  15. slaapN

    despize CGm - XBOX 360 Call of Duty Black Ops

    @ stunzy, mate this is not your place at all!! your trying to ruin something cause your jelouce. The Fact is and complete history of despize as i am founder and captain of the team/organisation and always have been! this is how it went just to clear everything up. my gamer tag at the time qranksS and one of my good mates on the xbox sluRz decided to start team called LostKause we had the lineup of qrankss sluRz skyLit to begin with and then from their alot of things ultered pretty quickly. We had a member names basiks and by acident picked up a player callled drastik thinking it was someone else, but he turned out to be a beast anyway. and then we saw anx dash. now known as stunz. when we picked up these players we decided we would change the team name, however after countless effort, i decided to go with despize, and it was me n sluRz who made the decision. Soon enough we were in the inters finals and i was founder captain and leading the boys through all the strats. I player every single match despize participated in apart from the grandfinal, how ever lead up and etc i was apart of and all the strats and effort and the reason for sucess was due to me! (sounds arrogant but its true) I missed the GF due to family issues. and was very sad about it. However prior to the grand final in a semi i found out my team had been selected in CGI. which we participated in with a similar lineup, still under my captaincy and it was still my foundation. we played in CGI, and then i moved to perth after Mw2 and missed the start of black ops so when i came back i tried to ressurect despize with a few of the old members, that had now thought were toatally too good, so i decided i would go with the method i used to originally start despize and pick up a good bunch of commited guys that work hard and have the will the win. Despit despize;s current lineup not being exactly the same lineup as it was when participating in inters, it doesnt make achievements false. despize achieved winning inters CGI and all others mentioned, and i was the founder and captain of it then and i still am.. to say "its nice of you guys to take on the despize name" is ridiculous, cause stunz mate ur being toatally idiodic due to your pure jeloucey. As founder and Captain of the despize Name and organisation, i know for a fact despize achieved all of this, and the organisation may have new members however it still has the same main leadership being my self, and i have done it before and we will do it again, i gurrantee vVv this we will represent them in the highest fashion, we will win CGM and we Will attend many LAN EVENTs and we will uphold the pretigous vVv name. however if you choose to believe and insignificant insecure childish fien like stunz, so be it! i guess it wasnt meant to be. i Hope we do obtain vVv's support. thanks!