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  1. Come check out @VisionProTeam scrimming @TLRHQ on Cloud's stream: http://t.co/EN3psixS

  2. #FF @GoodoleRick, twitter's best kept secret
  3. Everyone tune into to @MLG_Gandhi and his Wednesday edition of Nightly Execution! Running all night long - http://t.co/eQ8pEMHW

  4. A little over due, but #Hypefestation was such a blast. It was great seeing everyone, new and old. Till next time boys

  5. Just about 24 hours until I'm landing in NY for @Hypefestation and excitement and adrenaline are already kicking in #Hypefestation

  6. Past few nights of practice have seen lots of improvement, I'm feeling surprisingly optimistic about #Hypefestation #CantWait #LFG

  7. Getting ready to head to Tampa for the #Saints vs. #Bucs game! #WHODAT !!! Sorry #MLG I'll catch up on the rebroadcast when I get home!

  8. SC2 is so exciting this event! Anyone else loving some of these games? #MLG

  9. just nailed my job interview, didn't get hired on the spot since the positions aren't up yet but my fingers are crossed!

  10. everyone should read this and get others to as well, very deep and inspirational: http://t.co/GrBgqcvT #ThankYouSteve #RIPSteveJobs

  11. Everyone should tune into the Loser's Finals on @GoW_Nation ft. Ruffled Feathers vs. Infinity: http://t.co/h3lmqfCk

  12. The night the game came out. We were testing a bunch of stuff out back before everyone knew we would be testing default.
  13. Streaming featured match ups from the @GoW_Nation #Gow3 tournament all night!!! Check it out and retweet it! http://t.co/vj0e5LiL

  14. aFF1NiTy

    A caution about weapon swaps and settings

    I didn't even see this part, I have no idea how you came to this conclusion. The focus is not the middle, at all. The focal point it up top, you want to control up top, up top is the main focus of the map, you win if you control up top. If you don't push or contest up top, you are going to lose, so it is impossible to slow play the map. There has to be a push for something the way that map is laid out. If you aren't contesting up top, you have to be making some sort of push in the middle. Also, with adequate smoke placement, team fire, and positioning/map control it is very easy to make a push for the torque/digger. Again, I'd like to play and test with anyone in here to figure out what does and doesn't work as far as maps/gametypes go. I'll be on Gow3 around noon or 1 pm tomorrow, hit me up.
  15. aFF1NiTy

    A caution about weapon swaps and settings

    @Advocate and Detrimental Thrashball plays great on default settings. We shouldn't put a Snipe, or any other weapon for that matter, up top, because controlling up top is already such an advantage alone. Why put another weapon up there? With no power weapons up top, it plays out so perfectly. So far, it has played flawlessly on all 3 game types. I want to play with both of you tomorrow and just show you what I mean. It is such a fast paced map in all 3 game types. There are so many potential set ups, strats, pushes. and possibilities with that map, all without any swaps. I wish I could still record and post videos.