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  1. aFF1NiTy added a post in a topic Infinity vs Legacy Scrim Videos with Commentary   

    The night the game came out. We were testing a bunch of stuff out back before everyone knew we would be testing default.
  2. aFF1NiTy added a post in a topic A caution about weapon swaps and settings   

    I didn't even see this part, I have no idea how you came to this conclusion. The focus is not the middle, at all. The focal point it up top, you want to control up top, up top is the main focus of the map, you win if you control up top. If you don't push or contest up top, you are going to lose, so it is impossible to slow play the map. There has to be a push for something the way that map is laid out. If you aren't contesting up top, you have to be making some sort of push in the middle. Also, with adequate smoke placement, team fire, and positioning/map control it is very easy to make a push for the torque/digger.

    Again, I'd like to play and test with anyone in here to figure out what does and doesn't work as far as maps/gametypes go. I'll be on Gow3 around noon or 1 pm tomorrow, hit me up.
  3. aFF1NiTy added a post in a topic A caution about weapon swaps and settings   

    @Advocate and Detrimental

    Thrashball plays great on default settings. We shouldn't put a Snipe, or any other weapon for that matter, up top, because controlling up top is already such an advantage alone. Why put another weapon up there? With no power weapons up top, it plays out so perfectly. So far, it has played flawlessly on all 3 game types. I want to play with both of you tomorrow and just show you what I mean. It is such a fast paced map in all 3 game types. There are so many potential set ups, strats, pushes. and possibilities with that map, all without any swaps.

    I wish I could still record and post videos.
  4. aFF1NiTy added a post in a topic A caution about weapon swaps and settings   

    Arbitrary? Hardly. I'm not really concerned with the settings, nor did they influence what maps/gametypes I proposed. I just wanted to post how the people I've tested with feel about certain things. We've been doing nothing but testing since the game came out, and almost everyone I've played with has agreed about those bleed-outs, and people are 50/50 on the frags/inks/incendiaries debate, and my opinion is incendiaries are the least powerful and most strategic. But, at the same time, I have no problem playing on default settings.

    We've tested Overpass with different settings, even with power weapons down low, but every round turns into a mad dash for up top control just because of how big of a height advantage it is. Plus, when the ground starts sinking, it becomes even harder to shoot up at people and the height becomes an even bigger advantage than it already is. Personally, I've only tested Execution and TDM on it, however, so KotH may end up working on that map. I played it in ranked and players spawned up top, so I guess that could force a lot of movement around the map. I'll try to get some people to play it with me tomorrow.

    Regarding starting loadouts, I could care less what they are. I think we should allow all the rifles, they are as OP as the next in terms of damage, the biggest difference is in the range that each is effective. Arctic was suggesting some sort of limitation where it becomes 2 Lancers, 1 HB, 1 Retro. I guess we will see what works best. People just need to stop being stubborn about it. Way too many people say "we must use the lancer and nothing but the lancer" because of what happened with Gow2 and the HB, but this is a new game, and the lancer and HB are pretty evenly effective, they just have different uses.
  5. aFF1NiTy added a post in a topic A caution about weapon swaps and settings   

    I'm going to list more than 11 game types and explain each map, and why certain game types will and won't work on certain maps. The only map I'm excluding is Overpass because the environmental effect breaks it.


    Checkout, Dry Docks, Gridlock, Hotel, Mercy, Thrashball, Trenches
    Execution will work on most maps. All of these maps are symmetrical, have great focal points, and offer many viable strategies.

    Hotel, Sand Bar, Thrashball, Trenches
    TDM is definitely a game type worth using. However, the biggest problem is that most maps are very, very easy to spawn camp on. These are the maps where I feel it would be hardest to spawn camp. I'll explain Sand Bar a little more below.

    Checkout, Mercy, Old Town, Thrashball, Trenches
    KotH, like TDM, is a game type that will only work on limited maps. KotH seems to play best on open maps, with a lot of angles and few closed off locations.

    Yes, that is 16, I think all of these should be tested and narrowed down to 11. In my opinion, any map I didn't list under a specific game type won't work because something about that map is flawed, and will ruin game play on said game type (i.e. Old Town is flawed for Execution, Gridlock is flawed for TDM, etc.).

    Checkout is an ideal map for Execution. It is perfectly symmetrical, not too big or small, and has good weapon placement is positions that can be both easy and hard to cover. I do not believe it is viable for TDM because of how easy it is to trap another team given that there is only one exit out of spawn, and travel time around the map is short so keeping tabs on both spawns is easy. For KotH, the map seems like it would work perfectly. There are a lot of open angles on the map, and there would be a lot of movement and fast paced action.

    Dry Docks
    This map is very fast paced and exciting for Execution. However, it is too easy to spawn trap in TDM because the middle of the map has such a significant height advantage, and there are only 2 narrow paths to push up top. For KotH, it seems to big, and there aren't a lot of angles to contest things cross map. I get that feeling that once a team grabs a hill it could turn into a 30-45 second stand off, if not longer.

    This map always has and will be good for Execution. For TDM it is a joke, there is no way to power out of spawn. For KotH, my biggest concern is hills being in the 2 hammerburst towers, or in the sniper tower. I feel those are positions are not pushable once a team controls them.

    This map is so good for Execution, it and Thrashball are my two favorites so far. Lots of strategy, lots of angles, and lots of good positions. Love the variety on this map. For TDM, it is worth testing because I think it would be hard to prevent a team from getting out of spawn because it is hard to cover both the side door and outside if you all the spawners push in one direction. For KotH, I think the map is too divided. Any time the hill spawns inside, it seems that with a good setup it could be very easy to keep people from getting in the building.

    This map can be great for Execution as long as there isn't a Boom in the church. Lots of strategies, angles, and positions worth holding. For TDM, it is far too easy to spawn trap. For KotH, this map seems to work very well. There are tons of angles and it is a fairly small map, so there would be a lot of action and movement around the map. Only concern is when a hill spawns in the church, that is the only camp-able area of the map.

    Old Town
    This map is just not very good. It lacks the symmetry for Execution (the high spawn wins both mid market and boom alley almost every time), and the spawns are too easy to trap for TDM. The narrow alleys on either side of the map do not play well in the head-to-head style we see in Execution or TDM. In KotH, though, I see this map playing out very well. You take away the head-to-head style because you spawn all around the map, so neither team has an advantage based on which side they spawn on. With KotH, there would be a lot of angles, pushes/flanks, and movement around the map.

    Sand Bar
    This map is entirely too big for both Execution and KotH, but it is worth testing for TDM, in my opinion. Spawn trapping would be essentially impossible, and there are so many routes you can take not only out of spawn, but even in the middle parts of the map. There would be tons of flanks, pushes, angles, use of misdirection, and strategies to playing this map in TDM (again, in my opinion). It may turn out to be too big of a map for TDM even, but it is definitely worth a shot.

    This is the golden map. Perfectly symmetrical for Execution, plays out a lot like Security from GoW2, except the fight up top plays out much better, and the players down low can support up top much easier. For TDM, even if a team controls high side it isn't the end of the world. The changes to the map make it much easier to put shots up on the people controlling high side, and the 3 exits to the spawn make trapping people very hard. For KotH, this map plays great. It is impossible to win by just controlling high side, as more hills spawn down low than they do up top. The map is open enough to force people to move around a lot, and it is just very fast paced in general.

    I really like the changes made to this map. It plays very well in Execution. Lots of strats, positions, and all that good stuff. It is very hard to spawn trap in TDM now if the other team is smart. They can push out the front, push the tunnels and to the middle, or through to tunnels to the opposite spawn. There is always a blind spot on a team's setup on this map. KotH can work on this map for the same reason as any other KotH-viable map. It is open, there would be tons of movement, etc.


    As far as settings go, I think they should look like this:

    Universal Settings
    Friendly Fire: On
    **Weapon Respawn: After Use

    **unless the shorten the amount of time for the "After Pick-Up" option. Right now it takes 3 minutes for Boom and Digger to respawn, 2 minutes for Snipe and Torque.

    Rounds to Win: 4
    Round Time Limit: 4
    Bleed-out Time: 30

    Respawns Allotted: 10
    Rounds to Win: 2
    Bleed-out Time: 15

    Round Score Limit: 90
    Rounds to Win: 2
    Bleed-out Time: 15


    Now for weapon swaps, it is very hard to say where we should go with this. I do think we should only use Incendiaries as far as grenades go. Also, we need to figure out what to do with the heavy weapons. Disable them? Replace them with another power weapon? Replace them with some sort of ammo (gnasher, lancer, hammerburst, etc.)?

    Original > Replacement
    Frag Grenades > Incendiaries
    Ink Grenades > Incendiaries
    Hammer of Dawn > ???
    Mortar > ???
    Mulcher > ???
    One Shot > ???

    There will be other minor swaps per map (most likely, at least) to balance them and in some cases prevent the weapons from switching every round.

    Starting Loadouts
    We should test the HB and Retro before we jump to conclusions and use the Lancer. It is a new game, the HB is nothing like it was in GoW2. Also, the Lancer is now stronger than it was in the Beta, while the HB is now weaker than it was in the beta. So test it. The Retro definitely seems OP still, so we will see about that. But the HB downs players in about the same amount of time as the Lancer (in terms of seconds, not bullets), but the clip is 1/3rd the size, and the reload takes much longer. I think it would be very foolish of everyone to not test the HB or Retro, especially the HB.


    That's all I have for now. I may post this as its own thread and update it as we move along and do more testing.

  6. aFF1NiTy added a post in a topic Sun Down's Gears 3 Exhibition Analysis   

    I think it would be healthy for everyone to stop dwelling on Gow3 so much, I know I get way to anxious and think way to much about it. The wait is driving me insane. Take a step back and have a blast when it comes out.
  7. aFF1NiTy added a post in a topic Its time for vVv in gears to make a name for its self again!   

    Why is that?

    Anyways, regardless of my teammates, I will always be representing and contributing to vVv, there isn't anywhere I'd rather be.
  8. aFF1NiTy added a post in a topic Gears of War 3 Exhibition Match Streamed Live from MLG Raleigh   


    Almost every player in the MLG GoW community supports Halo and Starcraft, I know tons of people that watch streams for both, and also play both. It has always been weird how we constantly support all competitive titles, but I rarely get the feeling that the Halo community has ever supported GoW, or even respected it. I support everything that is good for MLG, regardless of if it has to do with GoW or not, which is why I thought more people would be excited about this GoW3 demo, because it is good for MLG and shows progress/growth. If you care about MLG, and not just your game (it seems like most Halo players only care about their game, though), then you should be happy about anything that is good for the company. Furthermore, MLG is a business. Halo has been great through the years, but you aren't entitled to anything. SC2 and soon to be LoL will do way more for MLG than Halo will. Ever. There is no guarantee or promise your game will remain on the circuit. And if Halo isn't producing as much revenue as another game can, popularity is down, competition isn't strong, etc, then Halo will get replaced. When our game was dropped, you know what we did? Continued supporting MLG and all its games, some people tried other games, and we continued playing GoW, producing articles, videos, streaming, and despite almost 2 years of the game being dead, our community is still strong because of it. So if you care about Halo/MLG at all, and if your game gets dropped, make sure you do all you can to still make sure you have a community when the next game comes out.

    EDIT: Also, like Rain, almost everyone has strongly supported Gow1 and 2 despite the many flaws in both of those games. However, because MLG and EPIC have been working together, and there has been so much effort put into developing Gow3, the game will be our best yet, unlike Halos that get worse every new game.
  9. aFF1NiTy added a post in a topic Gears of War 3 Exhibition Match Streamed Live from MLG Raleigh   

    It isn't about competition, it is about showcasing the game, so just be happy it is happening. On top of that, EPIC is nice enough to let MLG run this demo, so it only makes sense that EPIC developers are playing.
  10. aFF1NiTy added a post in a topic Gears of War 3 Exhibition Match Streamed Live from MLG Raleigh   

    The Nsan3z won the last 2 events for Gow2 and MLG loves them so its no surprise they get to do this.

    And it sounds like they are using Trenches and Thrashball to showcase changes they made to the maps.
  11. aFF1NiTy added a post in a topic Gears of War 3 Exhibition Match Streamed Live from MLG Raleigh   

    Gonna be so sick!! Only wish I could be apart of it :[

    Still such a huge step for Gow. This will give the game some much needed exposure in the competitive scene and is very promising for our future.
  12. aFF1NiTy added a post in a topic Prediction Thread for MLG Raleigh's Halo: Reach Tournament   

    There wasn't enough time in between Anaheim and Raleigh for teams to close the gap on Instinct, so I doubt they will be challenged next weekend. Hopefully someone can contest them by Orlando in October.

    EDIT: I really hope the new BtH, Dynasty, and Infamous rosters stay together for a few events, a lot of potential there.
  13. aFF1NiTy added a post in a topic Attributes of a Good player   

    Heart, nerves of steel, and a competitive mentality are the 3 most important qualities in my book. Anybody that plays the game long enough can become good at all the things you guys have listed (anyone can learn to play smart, anyone can get good with the guns, etc), but these 3 things are about the person, not how much the person practices.

    Without heart you'll never overcome any obstacles. Heart is what leads to dedication, motivation, determination, and all that good stuff. Without putting your heart into it, you'll never get anywhere. You have to be able to get up and try again, because nobody ever wins all the time, no one is perfect. The difference is between those who give up and those who keep fighting. Down 0-2 in maps in losers bracket? You're done without heart.

    A top player needs to have nerves. I cannot tell you how many players I've seen choke up at events, get nervous, play worse than they do online, etc. Too many people can't handle the pressure, and the ones that cope with it best always come out on top. Something is different when you play at events as opposed to playing at your house online, so you have to be able to deal with the pressure of trash talk, possible elimination, people watching, etc.

    A competitive mentality is important so that you are always striving for perfection, but never feel like you've reached it. This will always push you to improve and win. This also means being able to LEARN FROM MISTAKES AND FAILURE, which almost nobody ever seems to do. Make sure everyday of practice is quality practice, always be improving and learning, and also make sure every event is a learning experience no matter how well you do.
  14. aFF1NiTy added a post in a topic The digger   

    The only reason Pavilion was ever campy was because of the map design (only 2 places to push) and the fact that most teams used most of their smokes early in the round. It had nothing to do with Torque and Snipe being on the map...

    By your logic, Boom and Snipe shouldn't work together because River was campy. Again, it was map design that was the problem.

    EDIT: Don't see why they should consider incendiaries. They are a grenade that is an instant kill if they hit someone, and you get 2 of them... Inks are fine. They aren't an instant kill and take more strategy to use effectively.

    This game needs to have as big of a skill gap as possible, Digger and incendiaries are things EPIC put in the game to make it easier for the casuals, not much skill or thought process behind using either of them.
  15. aFF1NiTy added a post in a topic The digger   

    The only map that was consistently campy was River, and that is because there were only 2 places to push (mid or water). From what we've seen, GoW3 doesn't have any maps like that, they all have 3 and in most cases 4 places to push, so we shouldn't need something as bad as the digger to break camps. Inks and smokes both stun people, which should do enough to force people out of place.

    EDIT: Not to mention, weapons are going to respawn every minute in GoW3, like they did in GoW1. So no one should need a digger to break a camp when you have inks, smokes, respawning torques and booms, and a targeting system.