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  1. Shellshok

    9 to 5 ain't for Suckas!

    I enjoyed this one but I personally wouldn't have even gone that far. We have some outstanding fighters on our team and that should speak for itself. A community like this is hard to break into. I could use the Marine Corps as an example. If you've ever been in the Corps you'll know that even if a law says you can be gay and serve there will be no in the closet Marines jumping up to let others know. The "community" just isn't wired that way. And while the stakes are higher in my example, I think the mentalities behind them are the same. The is one nut that the individuals themselves are going to have to crack and it will simply take time.
  2. Shellshok

    Let's be honest

    Great post Kraft. Fully supported
  3. Shellshok

    TNO Update

    I understand where the OP is coming from and why they would want to justify their point of view. If two people are not happy in a team, they're just not going to be happy and it's like getting married to go on your honeymoon and then finding out what your now wife is really like when she kicks your ass. Same situation and regardless things just were not going to work out for these guys. If they were thinking this then it is better they did it this way than to have a big blow up and team fight and yada yada down the road. As for all the hating and flaming here, I feel it's a bit unnecessary really because if you were not on the team, then what are you hating onexactly? It's just a point of view being justified and at least they had the courtesy to inform everyone instead of blowing everyone off and leaving it in the dark. Best of luck to all involved.
  4. Shellshok

    Hauser Zeig Grim's Application.

    Bump again, for more support. Great guy and would be a good addition to the community.
  5. Shellshok

    ThePlattypus Application

    Seems cool, has hung out in the stream chat and watched me stream in the am a few times. Looking forward to seeing you around and good luck on your app.
  6. Shellshok

    vVv's Donation Drive!

    GOGOGO everyone, we can get there. This is a great start, lets keep it going.
  7. Shellshok

    We laughed! We loved! We Won!

    Sounds like it was a blast. Glad we had two top 4s and everyone had a good time.
  8. Shellshok

    Hauser Zeig Grim's Application.

    Played several games with him. He's always up for playing with the community on LoL. Seems pretty laid back and fun to play with from my experience.
  9. Shellshok


    Played a couple of games with him. Seems pretty cool, but would be nice to see a little more interaction/activity.
  10. Post here to be entered into my random drawing for 2 free hours of SC2 coaching, paid for by me. Please post your race/bnet realID/userID.charcode (all information required). Drawing will take place Sept.30th. All vVv members are welcome to enter regardless of division. Coaches: P:RGNFuture Z:vVvTitan T:VileHashe
  11. Shellshok

    Applicant Feedback

    Gun down seems to lack a proper understanding of his place within the community. He seems almost to eager to be a part of the community to a fault, and I've seen him overstep and create issues with other community members more than once.
  12. Shellshok

    Graphic's Team Application

    Very good work. Quick, effecient, and definitely has my support for his app.
  13. Shellshok

    SHellShocked's application

    Thx guys
  14. Shellshok

    Amazing game.....

    big group of people, lots of game diversity. Seems like most of it is fps or mmorpg based though. I think that's kind of interesting. Seems like it's a style of game more than a type, like single unit control focused games lead to games like LoL.