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  1. tvz - fun match View File bio vs muta ling Submitter vVv WaKai Submitted 08/19/2012 Category Community  
  2. Yes, I agree, self awareness is key. Although I wouldn't correlate age with the level of self awareness and as SB has showed, confine it solely to gaming. Self awareness is tough because it's filled with negative emotions and as KillShift was conveying, for some it's difficult to face the reality of their current life. It than comes down to a choice of either ignoring/ escaping it or to start implementing changes and doing something about it.
  3. No, you're not being a dick, and I am glad you make these observations. As my intent from the start was to showcase that the negative effects from gaming relate much to how we operate in real life. It's interesting you bring up the religion argument as it highlights how you read my note.I was not making it a gaming vs the world debate, and as Graeme Blake says in his comment, "I think modernity is full of many addictions not classed as such." and this is what I say in the note as well: "It makes one wonder whether gaming is a byproduct of a time crazed society in which coffee, over stimulation, exploitation and strict schedules have come to dominate our culture." So yes gaming was my focus, but I also included other real life examples of addictions and societal problems. In all of these examples there's healthy versions of consumption too, gaming in moderation can be a healthy mode of entertainment. As for the conclusion, yes it was directed towards gaming and yes it will make potential pro's shy away but at least it's an informed decision. What I have said can apply to people, and that is why I have written it. To help those that are struggling to decide whether gaming is for them, and I hope when they read that note it connects to what they couldn't pin point before. So, with that being said, I am writing this in a hope that people who have suffered like me know that they're not alone and that gaming addiction is a real thing. Finally, I did not make a stray man argument, I highlighted certain negative aspects of gaming. It's your perception of my intent when writing this that actually blinded you because you missed part where I did relate it to real life." What this ends up causing is the allusion that we have many friends. Similarly, people who are solely drinking buddies aren’t really our friends, just a person who has a shared interest. Without the booze or the games, we come to find these people much less interesting than their online counterparts and it’s not like they’ll ever come visit us in the hospital either". So no, I am not making this a gaming vs real life argument. It's not meant to prove a point, but to create discourse and conversation which you have done so, thank you
  4. I disagree with the responses that most people have made in this topic as gaming is addictive and shares in the same properties that other addictions posses. While this is about porn, it will give some food for thought as porn and gaming share similar addictive properties. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSF82AwSDiU&feature=youtu.be I just wrote a rather long essay on my experiences with gaming which fall in line with what is being discussed in this topic. https://www.facebook.com/notes/nathan-pigeon/the-recollections-of-a-gaming-addiction/780288935326681
  5. Normal is only a point of view, you may think that your life is un-normal but you just described the normal life from 20-30 years ago (e.g., The nuclear family). A new normal is very much what you're describing about yourself, kids by the thousands are pursuing gaming, all under the impression that if they dedicate enough time that they'll make it to the top; only to realize that after all those sacrifices it still wasn't enough. Our society is obsessed with meritocracy, and yet we don't like admitting that luck is the major player behind any sort of success. Maybe it's you who should take a look back on your life and wonder why you're still stuck in the rut of a gaming life. You have been gaming for your whole life; does that make you much different from a farmer who's farming his whole life? Maybe you've become too comfortable with your normal gaming life, invested to much time into it, that you're scared of exploring the unknown and fresh? Why this obsession with passion? You will never feel fulfilled if you live your life by passionate means; it's a hunger that can never be sated. Don't mistake gaming or passion for something new, or an answer to societies troubles. It makes you no different than the nuclear family dad when you put your head down and trudge forward, hoping for a better life... Can't you see the similarities?
  6. Careful, success and failure can be one and the same thing. Finding peace in the life fortune has dealt you will be a worth while pursuit. The more you chase a life you wish you had, the more you'll feel bogged down by all the things that have to magically fall in place. More of, the more you chase, the more desperate you become, and desperation will never end well. I like that you quoted Socrates, but also know that the examined life will only bring happiness given years of practice and study. It's knowing that acceptance of what is out of our control is not complacency, but freedom. It's knowing that happiness is not found so high up, constantly out of our reach, but in the every day occurrences in our life. So I ask you, how much of your time is spent dreaming of something you wish you had? How much time is spent relaxing, and looking at your life, not with an eye of dis-contempt, but of appreciation? You will find happiness in the small things in life, that has always been true.
  7. Gaming has been a large part of my life, through it I've met many great people. Some may have started recognizing my increased inactivity. My passion for gaming, and all that it holds is fading. Although in the past I have tried to re-kindle this passion, I will not do so this time. Outside vVv I have been cultivating myself and my values. I do not see this as a sad, or happy moment. For vVv will continue to operate without me, and I without it. For those curious about what I will be doing, I will be picking up a trade in mechanics, pursuing philosophy and spirituality as a hobby. Thank you all for the experiences we've shared, and I hope that you continue on sharing them with each other. Good luck, and have fun!
  8. I'll be away for a week or two while I take the time to work some things out. See you all soon!
  9. Play by plays are amazing, but yeah time constraints can be a problem. I like the summary for game 3 as well, those work well too.
  10. Well deserved! His work behind the scenes has been great.
  11. and you think this is justified?
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEZkQv25uEs http://sacred-economics.com/ Thoughts?
  13. How is this even justifiable? how... I just, sigh... https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152255184937728&set=a.141006747727.113071.510212727&type=1&theater Rick Mercer(canada's version of the daily show) cover it as well
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7r_g-Qq4tI vVv vs STN recap
  15. haha yeah! Those spears almost one shotting the squishies.
  16. I'm calling this a dick measuring contest because both science and religion have brought on negative effects on to our society, just as they have brought on positive ones. Just as well, the sheer number of people that have been killed through scientific means, the holocaust and the scientific experiments conducted by the Nazis come to mind. Aren't you being a hypocrite in denouncing religion by using the few, fanatical people instead of the people as a whole? You're picking the peices you want to show so that you can denounce religion. I love science, just as much as I appreciate the role religion plays in shaping our society. Don't you think religion or science aren't the problem, but the people behind them? Democracy, something we value so highly, yet it caused two world wars. No, sciene, religion, democracy etc are NOT the problem, human nature is. It's 2 of the ten commandments, you know, probably one of the most important texts in Christianity... honestly what you think, and what is fact are 2 very different things. Again, if you read the document I posted, you'd answered your own question. "And this in turn relates directly to the Ninth Commandment, not to bear false witness against your neighbour. In other words, pluralism and diversity are all about understanding and living with your neighbour, which means showing respect, one for the other. The Tenth Commandment reinforces this idea: thou shalt not covet anything that belongs to thy neighbour. Again, it is about imagining the other, living together, and dignity and diversity as one. " Aren't you discriminating vesus ALL of religion now just because you had a negative encounter with what where ultimately negative people? "An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind" - Gandhi Where does the cycle of blame stop? We need to start holding individuals accountable for their actions, not the ideal or group of people with whom they claim to represent.
  17. If you read the full article, you'd come to understand that at its very core, religion teaches co-operation and respect from diverse religious and social backgrounds. Stop treating it like a dick measuring contest and come to understand that each play a certain role. As Osh mentioned above, science and religion can co-exist. This is because they ultimately serve 2 very different purposes. How a certain small number of people interpret/ignore certain religious teachings is a whole different matter.
  18. What do you guys think of tonights re-match? LoLpro must be looking to play safer don't you guys think?
  19. I feel that with focus on trying to prove whether a god exists or not, we forget the main role religion has played in shaping our society. "As the great poet Rumi put it, “Human beings are discourse.” It is language, the use of language, that allows us to function. And Islam, with its clear call in the Sacred Laws for the preservation of rationality, and its evocation of the Greek and Aristotelian approach, could easily be a religious force that takes the lead in advancing the central role of free expression in building healthy societies" http://www.johnralstonsaul.com/pdfs/JRS-RIS-SPEECH-DEC26.pdf
  20. vVv WaKai

    Where Have I Been

    Welcome back! These stories are always great to read, thanks for sharing Trivium and it looks like things are starting to really look up for you!
  21. I agree, they're fairly new together so that type of thing develops over time while they learn each other's mindset and style.
  22. Tatsuota has been helping me behind the scenes with content creation and is a pleasure to work with. His passion for smite really does show! I believe he'll be a great fit for vVv gaming.
  23. From what i've seen so far around the forums and the video he has made, I believe he'll be a great addition to vVv gaming. Keep up the good work!
  24. vVv WaKai

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    Welcome to vVv Gaming! Argh so close to gold with that silver one! What kind of photography do you do?
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