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  1. What's up vVv community!! It's been a minute since gow3 lol. Diffenitly miss the community. Thinking about re-applying, but first what's new in the xbox games? 🤔
  2. Who again sorry dont remember you?
  3. Whats up vVv long time no see. how have yall been doing? I miss all of yall. And i will return this year better than ever! Im about to get back into the mix of things so just wondering what are some new additions to vVv now??/
  4. Yea hopefully Judgment will come through for us all!
  5. Yea i already have one lol
  6. Hello, yall all me as former vVv TinGez, now since Gears is dead ive been playing Halo a lot. I'm looking to better myself in it, and get back to how i was before. I was really good at halo, now I'm good but i can be way better! I'm just asking if a couple of members could help me become better so when Halo 4 comes out ill be back to the way i was in tip top shape! PLEASE HELP
  7. Ive played the Beta its pretty legit, but its more like Cod than Halo! It just doesn't feel like Halo n e more! how do u have a fully auto AR that shoots needles like come on! smh and the DMR is more powerful than a BR come on now! To me this is gonna be the Easiest Halo ever, in my opinion!!!!!!!!!!
  8. If your not putting info about either the next GOW tourny or LAN DONT POST! Im serious! and Gow.se signups ended the 30th so Dont post about that tourny either! k thanks
  9. Yes gow is extremly dead lol! every since the end of hype 2 its just been on a slump forreal Shoot its an online tourny anybody can win, i slapped syn and infinity online but in a LAN its diff online takes no skill straight connection still but yea sms! HMU with any other Tournys
  10. Wish i had a team for it =(
  11. ok cool thanks emo
  12. when and where is the Next LAN?
  13. Dang I got chopped smh! Idek why honestly but hey it was fun while it lasted ill be back know doubt!