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  1. REO youre amazing! keep doing what youre doing!
  2. I will make you a vVv overlay when you are in vVv
  3. Protoss is ez thats why i play it .. BYEAH!
  4. Honestly just go to mobafire and read a few guides. I am sure a few will help a bit
  5. Yes thats what i was trying to describe .. Dway understood as well
  6. you just rebind next base to space. group all queens in one control group hit v hold shift.. space click space click space click
  7. I started out as rampd up.. but that felt too long.
  8. is it possible to be not bronze?
  9. rampd

    Maze's Application

    This guy has worked so hard since i met him. Good luck buddy!
  10. have you checked out asylums? it looks like that
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