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  1. Plasma

    Best Cure for hangovers

    16 my friend lol i just like to party once and while
  2. Plasma

    Best Cure for hangovers

    this has got to be the best one lol
  3. Never too early for Christmas Mine was pretty awesome, had a couple cups of champagne and I feel that I've grown a closer relationship with my grandpa and mom
  4. Bored As fuck. Someone Save me

  5. Plasma

    Best Cure for hangovers

    I must know the cure for this horrible after party disease
  6. Plasma

    U.S Marines

    to Srry I didn't msg back, my phone wasn't loading a lot my url's so I could get on vVv but I did make space and you should be able to add me now
  7. Plasma

    U.S Marines

    will do man GT ?
  8. Plasma

    U.S Marines

    its core and corps, I've heard it both ways and I'm not sure if there is a difference but anyways I'm not only doing it for the free money and tuition its also a tradition in my family my father grandpa and great grandpa and so on were all marines
  9. Plasma

    U.S Marines

    Hey vVv next year I'm signing up for the United States Marine Core and I was wondering what military life gonna be like ? I believe I'm doing the right thing since ill get free college and ill serve my country. Thoughts and opinions plz ?
  10. Plasma

    Lets play a game

    lol jabba the hut