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    • Rocket League Community Game Night Tournaments!   10/03/2015

      As of 25th of August 2015, we have been hosting Rocket League events!  This event is open for everyone to participate.  Below you will find all the details that you need to know to get involved, so please take a minute and read through carefully!  Hope to see you there at our next event!     When: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm PST/9pm EST (we start on the dot, so don’t be late) Where: Our TeamSpeak server (click here for setup guide/details) Format: 3vs3 - Double elimination, best out of 3 games. How to participate: Connect to our TeamSpeak server with your team (or alone) before starting time and you will be entered in the tournament by one of the admins.  Currently, you do not need to pre-register to participate in the tournament, simply be in the teamspeak in the Rocket League channel by starting time stated above. Participating alone: If you have come alone to the tournament you will be drafted onto one of the teams by an administrator of the event. Participating with a team: If you have come with one or two friends to the tournament, you will be allowed to play together.  When the drafting starts, you need to move to one of the team channels with your friend(s) so that the administrators knows that you are not alone.  Should it be necessary, a third person will be added to your team by an administrator.     Drafting Process:  Upon all teams being selected, we will create a challonge bracket that will be used to keep track of the games.  Each team will choose a team captain and report to the administrators the name of the captain.  On challonge, we will use team captain's name as the name of the team.  Challonge will randomize the matchups for us.  To view the latest challonge bracket, visit http://vvv-gaming.com/RLBracket Playing your games and reporting results:  When the challonge bracket is setup, you will be able to see against which team you are up against.  Team captains are expected to communicate to one another at this point and organize a game.  The game should be created with a username and password so that our shout casters are able to join your game should they choose to do so.  Upon completing your games, report the result of the game to the event administrators and they will update the challonge. Streaming (Shoutcasting): One game out of each round will be streamed throughout the night. To accommodate the streamers we ask that you allow the streamer to join your game prior to beginning your play and also to let the replays play to the end so that they have a chance to analyse your plays over the streams and show those amazing goals you score!  Should your game be selected to be streamed, one of the shoutcasters will get in touch with your prior to your game starting. Keeping up with updates of the event: Don’t forget to check back on these forums for any updates to the tournament and you can also join our Steam group to to get notifications about our upcoming events and easier access to our announcements: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/vVvGamingRL  


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  1. Marsh04 added a post in a topic Rugby World Cup 2011   

    Quade cooper > dan carter
  2. Marsh04 added a post in a topic Captain America   

    going to see it tonight, im a big marvel geek so it wont let me down, hopefully its true to the comics.

    only thing i dont like is that they picked the same actor as johnny storm.
  3. Marsh04 added a post in a topic Halo 4!   

    cna not put in words the amount of anticipation
  4. Marsh04 added a post in a topic Limited edition Gow3 Consol   

    this and the star wars console look amazing.
  5. Marsh04 added a post in a topic Harry Potter 7 Part 1   

    last one was good, shame they changed the final battle, book was and will always be better
  6. Marsh04 added a post in a topic JACKASS 3D   

    Jackass is always good, RIP Dunn
  7. Marsh04 added a post in a topic The Fighter Review   

    you will regret missing it mate, the acting was great, do a quick research as its based on a try story.
  8. Marsh04 added a post in a topic Horror Movies   

    texas chainsaw massacre and orphan were creepy/
  9. Marsh04 added a post in a topic Hall Pass Opens This Friday   

    thought the movie was lame 3/10
  10. Marsh04 added a post in a topic Entourage   

    major fan, hoping the final season does the show justice

    Dramma fan here.
  11. Marsh04 added a post in a topic I need a new TV series to watch   

    entourage, the office US, boston legal, 30 rock
  12. Marsh04 added a post in a topic What is the best commercial of all time?   

    panda onea are good, but i personally like the aussie bear/bourban adds
  13. Marsh04 added a post in a topic Jersey Shore   

    only reason i watch it is to laugh at how they think there famous for being cool, but actually are for being idiots.
  14. Marsh04 added a post in a topic Inception   

    finally a movie that isnt predictable from start to finish
  15. Marsh04 added a post in a topic Whose Line Is it Anyway fans!   

    Ryan and Collin make the US version, Collins on the field segment is my fav.