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  1. @foolofatom Lolol idk why but I my OBS stops picking up Dota, I fixed it shortly after

  2. @foolofatom checkbox checked holmes

  3. Playing @ADota2L via https://t.co/KzXu54sh4X

  4. Gettin that 5k http://t.co/WUYFUVAsu6

  5. @NahazDota What are some of the major differences between NA circuit and EU/Asia? It feels NA dota is always too different in style

  6. Streaming Invoker all day pretty much http://t.co/gqOTzFsbKl

  7. DOTATOM INVITATIONAL http://t.co/r83957WRqx Best of 3 format. @foolofatom @BreezyReecey @XenosKing

  8. Vagrance

    Community Member of May

    One of the chillest guys I've met in Mumble. Well deserved. Good job Mooch
  9. Reece's Puffs + Chocolate Milk

  10. Vagrance

    LoL pick up lines

    The part I also lost it on. Brilliant.
  11. Bravo for that guy. He was actually good.
  12. Vagrance

    Vagrance' Application

    Name: Vagrance Age (minimum 16): 24 Summoner Name: Trowa How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom? Ex-Member Who do you know currently in vVv Gaming? How do you know them? Paradise, Amped, iKilluforFun, Starman, Pherzgul, Jiggy, Misty, JayC. Most of the ones who use mumble while playing LoL. Why are you interested in joining vVv Gaming? Looking to do something for eSports. Whether coaching, playing or representing. Adding valueGame Guru (Subject Matter Expert) / Socialite / Coaching In mumble playing the games 5-7 days a week. Participating in InHouses, ranked Duo's and whatever else comes along. I'm at 37 Friendly, 16 Helpful, 120+ Teamwork and 80+ Honorable Opponent, aka I get along with people. Whenever we have a new player with us or ones that want tips I'm usually quick to give tips. I use to run inhouses for vVv on Dota 2, I'll most likely try to participate in organization or casting. What games coming out are you looking forward to play and why? None at the moment. 98% of my gaming is spent on MOBA's What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? What is your current ELO? 1500+, 1675 max in S2 What kind of competitive tournament experience do you have? HoN tournies and Dota tournies. IGN hosted and private inhouse style. A few KOTSH too! Have you attended any national events (MLG, WCG, IPL)? Nay, hopefully in the future What was your best competitive moment? What was your worst? Winning a Dota 1 3v3 tournament with 30-0 as the score. The worst would have to be our first Dota 2 tournament, we VS'd Western Wolves in the first match. A shameful defeat indeed. What do you hope to achieve, competitively? #1
  13. Vagrance

    Vagrance' Application

    2 pm PST Monday the 14th.
  14. Vagrance

    Sickness (Udyr Bot)'s app

    This guy is really good at League of Legends. Go uDy!
  15. Vagrance

    Vagrance' Application

    hehe. I just hooked up my new monitor and played a dominion. Hit me up boi!
  16. Vagrance

    Reinstate App

    I suggest to re-apply. If you app was closed within the past 90 days, you might get it reopened but otherwise re-apply.
  17. Vagrance

    Visiting Family

    Oh shit, incoming :the Republic of vVv Spike.
  18. Vagrance


    Merry Christmas, see you after the holidays!
  19. Vagrance

    Vagrance' Application

    I like the new format. It's what we needed, everyone had good ideas. I want to definitely do a competitive style soon too. I have tomorrow off work so I'd like to participate/host or co-cast.
  20. Vagrance

    League Secret Santa!

    12-14-12 is Today, Friday.
  21. Vagrance

    vVv Starman Wins King of the Summoner's Hill 8!

    Misty has a good point, you'll never escape the shame of your 0-15 Udyr game.
  22. Vagrance

    Suggestion Thread for LoL InHouse Games

    Point system for the competitive inhouses. Of course we'd have both kinds, afterall this IS vVv Gaming.
  23. 1 of the 2 days of InHouse games could be competitive. More focused towards strategy. Code of Conduct Asking for feedback once the game is over and keeping it short so that we don't go off tangent. (keeping down time relatively low) Guarenteed Spots A rotation for all players if only enough for 1 InHouse game at a time. I.E : 6 vVv members 2 applicants 2 Guest (For example!) Keeping feedback/tips something requested and/or non-abusive. Once a month InHouse games tournament with a prize. (an idea) First player to hit 10 points will win. 1 win = 2 pts 1 loss = 1 pts MVP = .5 pts?
  24. Vagrance

    Suggestion Thread for LoL InHouse Games

    I don't object. Sounds like a lot of work so, not it!