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    • We Moved from Mumble to TeamSpeak!   10/06/2015

      TeamSpeak 3 Guide
      Don't have Teamspeak 3?
      Download here: http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads
      (Windows, OS X, Android, iOS, etc)
      Server Info:
      Server address: ts65.gameservers.com:9222
      (You can uses spaces in your name)  
      Need help setting up your microphone and sound settings?
      Tired of hearing that beeping/ding noise, when people post in TS chat?
      Can people not hear you while you have a game open?
      You should now have the basics of TeamSpeak set up. Welcome to the better VoiP program! You don't need to do anything extra so you can now come in and join us for events, find people to play with, or just to socialize.
        If you have any questions or need help, just ask a staff member or send me a PM!

      Guide to using plugins (add-ons) with TS3. This is NOT required: (Coming Soon)
    • Join us for the new SWTOR Expansion!   10/27/2015

      Does doing the right thing always excite you? Do you follow the path of truth and righteousness despite how hard it can be sometimes? Do you love Jawas and think Ewoks are adorable? No? NEITHER DO WE! As the guild that invented the dark side before George Lucas even thought of it, vVv Gaming is looking for other fun, sociable gamers to join us in our never-ending quest to exterminate everything cute, cuddly, and Jedi.

      While we are newly coming back to SWTOR, we have had multiple top guilds across many MMOs including Rift, Aion, and Warhammer Online. In addition to SWTOR, we support a number of other titles including League of Legends, Rocket League, Heroes of the Storm and Guild Wars 2.


      With our own TeamSpeak server that we purchased to justify drinking alone, we offer a space for all of our members, applicants, and guests to come join us and enjoy each others' company while also enjoying the game. We also have a website and forums that allows everyone to stay connected regardless how bad your sleep schedule gets. 

      Join us! We have alcohol...

      If you're interested in joining, we have no skill or experience requirements, but we do ask that you bring your personality, charm, and interest in getting to know your fellow gamers. We aren't going to tell you to be mature or any of that bullshiz, because we're too busy having fun. Oh, and you'll probably want to be on The Harbinger server, since that's where we play. 

      To join us, log onto our TeamSpeak server at ts65.gameservers.com:9222 and find one of our officers (usually in the SWTOR Channel) and ask for an invite. If you like us and want to be a part of something truly despicable, feel free to fill out an application on our forums


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  1. $500 Shopping Spree! via http://t.co/u7TNvoStOJ
  2. Saw this thing where if you use #Diablobeta and @BlizzardCS in a tweet you have a chance to get into d3 beta, check it http://t.co/t8rIAgGH

  3. Just got an email saying I get to play dota 2, suck it bitches

  4. Learning LoL

    This is the most well written rage thread i've ever read.
  5. Have had no internet past couple of days, but coming back and got some good news in the near future. Stay tuned and Stay Frosty

  6. IEM Kiev quals tomorrow at 2pm EST

  7. Happy Thanksgiving, Stay Frosty

  8. Latest Patch, thoughts?

    The only thing i really like about the new masteries is how deep in utility the exp gain is. Making top lane easier to go defensive tree against people that didnt normally need to without the worry of getting outleveled. But I think the offensive tree AP side is a bit to much, AP damage is way way higher now with that mini deathcap talent its kind of dumb, and all the AD side gets is about the same amount of armor pen but with a +3 AD bonus. It's kinda crappy. I guess from a top lane player, the new masteries are kinda trash, defensive tree doesn't really have anything exciting about it either. But for AP they're great.
  9. North American League of Legends

    Gino did it.
  10. New Mastery Choices

    As it is now announced riot has finally taken the time to implement some better mastery choices more so in offensive tree than anything to be able to pick a magic damage or physical tree. Full article: You can see the new mastery tree here: http://na.leagueofle...ries-season-two
  11. What a shame of my hertiage
  12. Introduction Post

    Yup, these guys are great additions to our team.
  13. We won our first round match in the gamecon tournament, staying frosty

  14. You can keep track of the brackets here: http://gamecom.plantronics.com/?page=stem_schedule&stageid=4408 we won our first round today, got another tomorrow after our NESL premiere match, which we are tied for 2nd in our group.