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  1. It was great being part of the team and representing, but its time for me to go my own way. Take care of my MK dudes CDjr and REO. Peace yall!
  2. Results from yesterdays tournament. Took home $100, PDP MK Classic stick, and Halo Reach. 1.vVv Krayzie 2.EGP Tyrant 3.Shords Footage over @ Twitch.Tv/Epicgp
  3. Thanks guys. Cant wait to represent again for Final Round!
  4. Krayzie


    1.Osu16Bit 2.vVv Krayzie 3.Denzel Terry 4.EGP Tyrant 5.Flawedzilla 5.Black Mamba 7.Online Tony 7.Lethal Legend So close to that 1st place... but took 2nd... Now I want to go to WB really bad and take 1st! lol
  5. Krayzie

    vVv Two of Top Three at NEC XII!

    Man... lol You don't even trip, I lost to your brother in pools, even after I had thought I knew the Kitana matchup. LESSON LEARNED: Never go to a major without watching every great Kitana... I thought they were all the same... SCR in 3 days though baby, me and REO need to represent with 1st and 2nd!
  6. Krayzie

    vVv @ NEC: Its Official!

    One more day and I take my flight to NY. First stop VSM, next stop NEC!
  7. Krayzie

    vVv @ NEC: Its Official!

    2 more weeks! I'm excited!
  8. That's right, I just bought my flight yesterday. I'll be attending both VSM and NEC, so I'm looking forward to a great week.
  9. Krayzie

    EGP Tournament 11/06/2011

    Thanks guys, looking forward to Sunday. I might actually still use Cyrax. There are match-ups I dislike... lol
  10. Krayzie

    vVv Gaming Acquires CD Jr!

    Congrats CDjr. Welcome to the team!