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    I can finally use the Shoutbox

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    Augusto James Souza
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    west chicago IL
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    Sinister Kid 8
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    halo 3, sc2, cod mw, mgs4, crysis... list goes on
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    if its in front of me... I eat it
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    night at the roxbury
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    food, women, cars, gaming, smokin cigs, chewin bubble gum.
  1. Dear judge. Fuck you for not being at court today and making be have another continuence. You suck. Sincerely AJ

  2. I think it should be shark month... oh and anyone want to choke my goat

  3. People are like pennies. You see them everywhere but ain't worth shit. Foes are like nickels you use them if necessary. Friends are like dimes they are shiny and can possibly save the day. Best friends are like quarters. They are very useful and worth a lot... family are like dollars. Highly useful with insightful faces and some of the greatest times you will ever have. Here's to all of you.

  4. Feeling like complete shit. Want to go home :/

  5. Rain rain go away. Seriously get the fuck outta here. Got to get my pool on after work.

  6. any views on if led is worth getting or am I just going to burn my retinas out?
  7. If i were to vote for some president who got in because he can read you a better night time story than dear old nana. I would stop to think that "oh yeah that is right he is a corporately sponsored citizens to make no decision for the benifit of our country or world, but to merely rape you of your life and soul." then I would vote NADER!
  8. so you know that feeling you get in your stomach when something is wrong... and then you fart and realize that you are happy again and should stay solo with that swago. yeah I went there the other day.

  9. wow... too out of shape for basketballl

  10. I am a huge mtg player if anyone is looking for specific cards I may have them. Hit me up, I will shoot reasonable prices because I have one to many of them.
  11. great video! loled for a minute there.
  12. please dont mind me im just that white kid with the hudson swag

  13. How is everyone doing? My name is AJ. and I like to party.
  14. I would love to apply for this if i had some more time on my hands. maybe a vacation for a month would help!
  15. wow Mist. making apps looking like gold over here. wish I was that cool...