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  1. Starcraft 2 Team Training Nights

    That sounds like a ton of fun, and lower league players might learn a thing or two!
  2. Man ZvP is Hard

    Thanks a bunch Dway!!! This is actually working out really well on ladder right now )
  3. Man ZvP is Hard

    Haha Celious )) And Dway, i always do get that fast 3rd hatch and then drone like a mofo, but that 4th base b4 lair seems like greediest thing ever! I might give that a try, but i feel like if i do that, im delaying my tech so much that the stuff that i lose to like 2 base colosuss all ins or just a protoss who techs super super hard early/mid game. I have been experimenting with some certain things on Tal darim as well. Since that map is soo gayy for ZvP, i just go for like a ling muta type style base race. Is that the unit comp you were thinking when you said base race or did you have something else in mind?
  4. Man ZvP is Hard

    Thanks for all the help ill look into all this stuff! <333
  5. Inspired by Fear

    Just got coached by Sweep, and he has helped my ZvP out sooo much! Your the best Sweep! <33333333333
  6. Man ZvP is Hard

    My problem isnt the timing pushes such as the 7 gate or just the SG opener, its like that time they get to transition into colosuss after going SG or just rushing straight to colosus or something. My expos never really get cannoned because i got good overlord positioning and i have a ling that i send around to attack hiding probe or pylon. But the main thing that always kills me is the fact that after they go a stargate opener for example, they can tech to Colosuss which will roll my roach hydra army that i have. I almost always have that spire making as soon as i can afford it, but just the amount of damage those colosuss do b4 my corrupters can actually kill them is just to much. This sort of timing push can be a 2 base all in (rapes the hell outta me) or they get 1 colosus b4 they expand then push out with a decent sized army (depending on the timing of this push, it either kills me, does a ton of damage, or i trade my army for his By the way, tyvm for the tips! Really appreciate it!
  7. Man ZvP is Hard

    I am having a TON of trouble in ZvP right now. I am seriously at a loss sometimes. I feel that Protoss on maps that they can FFE on (which they can practically do for all of them) can do whatever build they please in the most greedy way possible, and be 100% safe! Ahhhh! I could really use some builds that can either punish protoss for being greedy, such as going double stargate into instant Colossus tech switch. As of right now i go 15 hatch which i know is super risky, but i just cant find a way to get ahead against a good, greedy Protoss... I generally try to go Ling Muta or Roach, Ling, Muta, but 6/10 times they are going stargate and i get pigeon holed into going into Roach Hydra Corrupter and just dying. I can put up replays if needed, but I really don't feel like it right now TYTY for all/any help you guys give! --P.S. Im a High Diamond Zerg playing High Diamonds, Low masters, and even some Mid Masters. So please no generic advice you would give to someone who just picked up the game! Thanks <333
  8. Runescape

    No, Not at all...
  9. vVv MLG Anaheim Update Thread

    Sadly I am on vacation and couldn't keep an eye on the open brackets like I would have wanted to. But nonetheless I am proud of the people who competed in MLG Anaheim (specially my sc2 guys!) Just wish the outcomes were slightly more in vVvs favor. But good job everyone!
  10. Hey guys i'm new here.

    Welcome dude! Whats your favorite class to run i.e. perks/guns/attachments?
  11. SC2Gears

    Nevermind, im sorry for wasting your time, i found it i apologize for not being logical haha
  12. SC2Gears

    Oh really? where is that in Sc2Gears? I use it also but i dont mess around to much with it, but i really think that would be usefull!
  13. Boy Stabs Mother Over A Cheeseburger

    LOL this is ridiculous! I swear, some fat kids these days just dont know when enough is enough:(
  14. Games coming out this year!

    i am for sure sure sure getting Heart of the Swarm! I am looking forward to that the most, i also want to get Diablo 3 but im afraid that if i get it, im going to get sucked into it and not be as competetive in Starcraft like i want to be
  15. Picking a new gaming mouse

    Yeah i am having troubles picking a new gaming mouse aswell. Im thinking the SteelSeries Xai might be a good fit for me but i dont know to much on how well this product will work and such. I have heard good things but im just not so sure. If any of you have the SteelSeries Xai or have used it please let me know how you liked it And also beleiver im not sure about any mice that are for smaller hands, i would suggest the Lachesis if anything like emjay said!