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  1. Awesome, I love getting shot down for every store I apply to for a job. Greatt!

  2. Tyler Marchmon

    PineappleMist Application

    Wow this iscredible. I actually envy you for the attention and acceptance you already have. I wanna be sponsored but I'm ooting fo you!
  3. Tyler Marchmon

    Halo: Reach Sponsor?

  4. Tyler Marchmon

    Halo: Reach Sponsor?

    Can anyone help me out?
  5. Tyler Marchmon

    Halo: Reach Sponsor?

    dgpohsgjhopsgtuishgth h sdgh
  6. Yet another good night at smackin' kids around in MLG on Halo: Reach! :P

  7. Tyler Marchmon

    Halo: Reach Sponsorship Opportunities

    I have been looking for a good sponsorship for halo reach for the longest time I heard about you guys from friends that recomended me looking for you guys cuz they say I'm good. I have me and another friend of mine that are really good all we do is play Halo: Reach in MLG. So all we need is 2 more people to be in a team with us to work with and do practices. If you could even achknowlage this that would be fantastic! So in any case, if you are willing to give a chance and take us to tounaments in the big cities we are willing to put in our all for you! Thanks ~Tyler!
  8. Tyler Marchmon

    Halo: Reach Sponsor?

    Hey I heard about this community someone told me that players can get a sponsorship for going to tournaments and what not. And I'm pretty good(even thoughs being on the braggy side a little bit) I was wondering If I was able to get a sponsor From vVv Gaming for Halo: Reach. Please help out!
  9. Can someone help me out I have some questions.

    1. The Turtle

      The Turtle

      What do you need?