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  1. Back on the site after a longgggg break

  2. TRod

    Applicant Feedback

    Will do once I get my account fixed for xbox... Apparently its getting banned? hmm Idk ill b back on 360 soon.
  3. Great job to the fighters!!!
  4. TRod

    Shit you hate...

    -People that say blackberries are better then iPhones -People that tell stories bad -Back Seat Driving -Fake Lax Bros -6 Pools -Cannon Rushing -Still Being in Bronze League -____- -People that complain about their lives all the time... Seriously chill out.
  5. Cant wait to see more vVv's In the winners bracket in the future!!!
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    I need your help!

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Thomas.Rodler Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/vVv_TRod Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Trodlax777 TwitchTV:http://www.twitch.tv/vvv_trod
  7. TRod

    Official CoD Council

    Idk him personally, I do know Start and Tyler however. Apparently he placed 25th in an event which is still nothing to hate on ether... Hmmm shadow im going to hyu tonight.
  8. TRod

    Official CoD Council

    Ik I personally dont love the name I was thinking "The CoD Cast" or something to that effect but idk how much influence I have on a name change...
  9. TRod

    Official CoD Council

    Ik i have minor LAN experience (iv played twice) Tyler has ether the same or more. Bash has been in top 25 for MLG however.
  10. Well Well Well Ladies and Gentleman, it appears like I have found myself thrown back into the Call Of Duty community. I have been absent for a very long time (due in large part to my obsession with Starcraft2...), but I am back now and ready for action! The Beginning My good friend Start messaged me that they were thinking about getting a group of four kids together to report on everything COD. This was previously tried before, but unfortunately feel apart due to scheduling issues. However this time we are ready to go! Topics to be Covered Because this is a weekly show, we will continue to cover all the news about the COD community as it occurs. This includes, but is not limited to: -Team Rosters -Interviews with Professional COD players -Tournament Information -In game updates -Black Ops 2 -Strategies and Tips -A live game at the end to show up and coming teams and a lot more The Match Up ‚ÄčOn this show will primarily be me (@vVv_TRod), Start (@MLG_Start), Tyler (@TheTylerWest), and Bash (@bash_vs) Our host will be Tyler, who will be also streaming the show. Also for future episodes we will be having many guest appearances from big names in the COD community! The End Our first episode will be on Thursday April 26 at 9pm (EST) We will be introducing ourselves as well as starting the show off to a great start Link to Channel: (Unfortunately Tyler did not create it yet so when he does I will edit it in tonight) Thank You for everyone's interest in this and I guarantee that this show will legendary! I hope to see lots of community members in the crowd and Ill be sure to give a big shout out to all of you at the end! ALSO. Any topics that you would like to hear us talk about make sure you let me know! Thank you again
  11. This isnt the official post, so Ill post all the information tomorrow when I sit down and discuss everything with the other members of it. The post tomorrow will include topics to be covered, who will be in it, a poll so you can vote on which topic you would like to see, as well as all the information on where and when to see it:D (Id do it tonight, but Im tired and I need to talk with some people haha) Thanks for the support so far and I promise tomorrow all questions will be answered!!!
  12. Uhh no... Unfortunately not. My friend got his channel sponsored and since he is the head of it... We are doing it on his channel.
  13. It will be a normal variant 3 map game
  14. Hey everyone, Me and a couple of gamers are getting involved in a big project in the COD community. I can't give a lot of details now, but I may possibly need a well put together team to be displayed and to basically try to get a bigger name for themselves. PM me or reply back to this for more details. What I can reveal now, I that we are having a cod show at 9pm (EST) on Thursday 4/26 . We will interview pros and will be a great place to hear competitive news. It would be nice for a giant turnout from vVv!!! Ill post more details tomorrow but let me know about a team asap. Alsoo..... POST TOPICS YOU WANT TO HEAR US TALK ABOUT!!!!! LETS HEAR FROM COD COMMUNITY!!!!!! Alsoo... Sorry about the name... I was trying to find a catchy title...