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      We Moved from Mumble to TeamSpeak!   10/06/2015

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About Arriis

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    I can finally use the Shoutbox
  • Birthday 11/02/1994

Contact Methods

  • Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/Arriis23
  • Facebook http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100000494466212
  • Skype mag_drew

Profile Information

  • Full Name Andrew
  • Gender Male
  • Location East Greenville, PA
  • Alias Arriis
  • Favorite Games Black Ops, MW2, MW1, Reach (which i dont own anymore }: )
  • Favorite Foods Pizza and Hotpockets. not at the same time of course
  • Favorite Movies Hangover 2, Just Go With It
  • Favorite Music Anything really
  • Interests I love all FPS shooters. I play to win and i believe playing for fun is just an excuse used by those who suck at the game. I'll playing anytype of FPS but i mostly enjoy playing CoD and Halo.
  1. Hey vVv from California!

    Welcome to the family . Keep active and enjoy yourself.
  2. Hi there Shawn. Welcome to vVv. Good luck competitively this year.
  3. New Possible Sponsor/Partner.

    To me judging by the trailer and info i got in an email they are gonna talk about all things related to gaming. I mean i am trying to talk to someone in there to see exactly what they will talk about. After that ill update this post and let you guys know. Even with it not being about esports they could still promote us for community things such as the articles or maybe talk with the podcast hosts or even interview some players for their input on games something of that nature. Thanks for all your input. Im going to be doing extensive research on these guys before anything officially happens.
  4. Hello vVv

    Thanks Muffins, So far I am loving being apart of this community. Glad I Joined the site.
  5. New Possible Sponsor/Partner.

    Thanks for the input. Maybe if they cant sponsor us they could at least promote the community which I believe they could do considering the other website they sponsor. I mean its completely up to Jerry so im going to talk to him next time hes on. Just a little something to look into i think. Again thanks.
  6. Very nice article. Im glad they're changing some stuff and im especially happy they are gonna nerf the famas. Im tired of that being the only gun to kill me...
  7. New Possible Sponsor/Partner.

    Ok so I'm signed up on a website that lets you meet gamers and a current sponsor they recieved is a show that talks about gaming stuff. The website is called thestream.tv but they will be streaming on jtv and stickam and the show (believe it or not) is called The Game Show With this becoming a new show I think they could be a potential partner and/or sponsor. From what i can see from the trailer posted below, is that this will be popular due to the celebrities talking about it such as Kevin Pereira and Allison Haislip from G4. I believe if we get a sponsorship by them we could really get the name and the community out there. We could also maybe get some of the articles out there. Tell Me what you think about it. Ok I have done more research and from what i can tell they are looking for sponsors.
  8. Hello vVv

    Thanks for the welcome, I appreciate it!
  9. vVv DRiPPiNGb0X <--- add me XBL

  10. Hoping i can get into vVv. and down to play some blops!

  11. Five Pillars of vVv Gaming

    Nice to know all this stuff. Very good for learning the basics around the site.
  12. Awesome idea imo. It could turn out to be really fun or a little too serius but all over would be a fun thing to do.
  13. Hello vVv

    Hey guys Im Drew aka Arriis. Im a long time gamer from Pennsylvania and i love just about any games. I enjoy meeting new people to play with, so if your down to win and have fun at the same time hit me up with a message on here, xbox or my facebook. If you send me a msg on xbox or facebook let me know your from here and ill be sure to get you into my game. Genually i am a tryhard, but sometimes i enjoy just letting loose with a shotgun or sniper and sometimes even pistols. Gaming has taken up most of my life, and its my savior. Not to sound nerdy though. Gaming has always been there for me when nothing else really has. other than gaming i enjoy playing soccer, skateboarding and snowboarding.