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iwhbyd OxiDe

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    I can finally use the Shoutbox
  • Birthday 12/15/1994

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    Call of Duty, Halo, & Gears.
  • Favorite Foods
    Chips, Root Beer, Mountain Dew, and anything with Buffalo Sauce on it.
  • Favorite Movies
    Sci-Fi, Zombie, Apocalypse, Action movies. eg. Dawn of the Dead, 28 days later, 28 weeks later
  • Favorite Music
    Like a lot of different stuff so I'll just name genres: Metal, Hardcore, Grindcore, Techno, House, Electro, Hardstyle, Trance & Dubstep
  • Interests
    Rugby, Football, MLG.
  1. Thanks Scott
  2. thanks ReV
  3. Im new to LoL and am probably going to take a support/ tank role. Is their any particular Champs that are especially good for these roles? add me for some games, looking for competitive practice. also i know theres no voice option, do I use skype? and if theres any additional advice, all is appreciated. Acc: Noxiou5
  4. Hey guys I just got LoL and am looking for some guys to show me the ropes. I've watched a few games, I'm trying to read into it as much as I can and I'm also thinking about bringing my computer in for a tune up to make sure everythings in order for optimal play. lemme know if you can help me out. thanks! EDIT: btw my acc is Noxiou5
  5. Welcome :drink2_mini:
  6. theres been mad speculation if Vahn is trolling about the patch. He said he is on his facebook, but is unclear.
  7. Very exciting, very pumped for Anaheim.
  8. GL Ghost
  9. I got started playing during the reign of cod4 and got competitive fairly soon after that. I recently was talking with a friend of mine and he described what competition rules were like during older call of dutys. Correct me if I'm wrong, but 1 sniper, 2 assault, 1 shotgun/sub? But anyway, whatever those settings were, I think by having set classes, competitive play would be fairer and more interesting. Everyone has a fair playing ground and this makes it a little bit easier for the average gamer that doesn't specialize in what guns are good for what, and what attachments, ect. Give me your thoughts and if anyone knows the actual old settings I'd love to know what they were.
  10. Welcome
  11. My team and I have been throwing together random vague callouts for awhile and I was wondering if anyone would run me through the correct callouts for MLG variant maps. message/add me on box GT: (dubzstepCLaSsiC) . Help is greatly appreciated!
  12. Is FS going to attend NJHalo July 23rd in NJ?
  13. Disregard. Removing myself from F/A
  14. votedd GL