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  1. 14gas/14pool is hand down the best opener for most players under high masters. Definitively the safest. 14/14 and react to his build, your zvz ratio will increase tenfolds. If he hatch first, you can mass ALL lings once your pool finish's. In gold league, you should win with that in it self. As you rank up, you're gunna need to add drones in while you're making lings and expo during pressure and minerals become available, as higher level players will be able to break even with your build with hatch first. Also, certain maps(wide-open natural) it's actually almost impossible to hold it off.
  2. Ideas for the New Academy

    How does one go about getting into the academy ??
  3. Starcraft 2 Team Training Nights

    also curious
  4. Starcraft 2 Team Training Nights

    If this is still going on, I'll be there this sunday.
  5. D_Way gave up

    pretty much this.
  6. Pretty much this.
  7. D_Way gave up

    No ! Zerg > all.
  8. SC2 free coaching "drawing"

    Haha, drawn the day after my birthday ! Zerg jkorste@aim.com korste.522 Thanks for the chance !
  9. I believe this is what you are looking for :
  10. Self determination

    I must set my standards high ! I know it's a long shot to get masters in two months, but, If I don't achieve it I will still work at it and get it eventually.
  11. Self determination

    Update : I bought a Taiwanese account so I will be laddering on the kr/tw server ! I just made my goal harder haha. Edit: I got placed Gold (Won the first 4 and got into a base race ZvP but he had DT's ) One less promotion to get if I would have played NA !
  12. Self determination

    Yeah, I think that's what separates Korean pro's from most foreigners, thanks ! And nope, I'm not, sorry to disappoint.