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  1. Omniscient

    vVv Gaming Announces new Console Manager!

    Worddddddd. Bout to hit up Penn State in a week. Congratulations man! Welcome If you're going to the game tomorrow, don't die
  2. Omniscient

    Prest's Official Debate Topic 1st Edition.

    Thanks Doctor! I thought it was self explanatory ;_; Gogo Edition #2~
  3. Omniscient

    ThAltAccount's Application

    Yes, I am pretty Gosu. gl Dan-dans~ <3
  4. Omniscient

    Safe opener ZvZ

    Super secret builds, so dont be spreadin dis all ova da place like some PB+J 14 Pool 13 Gas 15 Hatch 14 6 Lings 17 2 lings or a drone depending on how safe you feel 18/18 Overlord 18/26 Queen and either 2 drones or 2 lings (if you see them make more than 6 lings, always match their ling count) The reason why this build is awesome is you're able to defend any early pool simply by canceling your hatch. Your speed comes out 3-4 seconds after a 14/14, but your hatch comes slightly after a 15 Hatch. It's the best of both worlds. If your opponent ends up 15 hatching, you always force extra lings from them. I have another build that's realllllllllllly nice for holding off any type of allin, the only issue with it is if your opponent 15 hatches, you're behind by a few drones. I don't remember the build though, I'll have to look it up in a replay. It's one of the safest builds out there though.
  5. Omniscient

    New Multiplayer Units for HotS

    I just want to remind everyone that the game isn't even in beta yet (which will be one of the best times to figure out the balance for the game) Don't worry too much about how this will effect the game when people haven't even fully figured out WoL ^^ Really looking forward to trying these new units though!~
  6. Omniscient

    New Team Proposal

    I say, everyone should be more active in mumble and add each other real-id so they're always aware of when people are online and available to practice. I've noticed that I generally tend to practice with people I know more about rather than someone who I've randomly added, but never really talked to. Get to know your clanmates! ^^ Also, I'm with Sweep, if you ever see me online or on mumble, hit me up and ask for advice/replays. I think I'm pretty friendly XD
  7. A few pictures have been leaked from Blizzcon as to what the new Multiplayer Units will be for HotS will be: I think full detail and preview will be tonight at 10:15pm EST. I'm pretty excited for new units, but I'd rather people focus on the game now instead of theorycraft for the later Protoss: http://i.imgur.com/qZR1c.jpg Terran: http://i.imgur.com/uAvmT.jpg Zerg: http://i.imgur.com/u0T5R.jpg Here is the TL Thread: http://www.teamliqui...topic_id=277762 More information as the day goes on~ Mothership and Carrier are getting removed! Goodbye Archon Toilet! Reverse DarkSwarm= Disruption Web More information in the TL thread ^^
  8. Omniscient

    Need sc2 1v1 partners/friends

    we should play some more ZvZ Add me: gabrielwaitesantibanez@gmail.com//kidnamedomni.970
  9. Omniscient

    Starcraft 2 Themed Restaurant

    Just saw someone posted this on Reddit earlier today: http://i.imgur.com/vulfr.jpg
  10. Omniscient

    Starcraft 2 Themed Restaurant

    Zergling BBQ. Baneling Bombs for shots. Antiga Shipyard Seafood Platter Metalopolis Martinis 6 Pool Soup- Split Pea soup served in a dish resembling a spawning pool Someone made a few Starcraft themed drinks a while back: http://www.thedrunke...rcraft_2/chrono
  11. Omniscient

    z0rdeuxvdeux application

    Dope. Bout to play a few games with him, seems pretty friendly. Good luck man ^^
  12. Omniscient

    SteelSeries Announces VIP Blizzcon Sweepstakes!

    Awesome! I got 2 buddies of mine going. Would love to win!
  13. Omniscient

    D_Way gave up