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    I can finally use the Shoutbox

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    Noel Dwyer
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    pizza or chinese food
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    fast 5
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    dont have one atm
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    reading books, watching movies and playing all sorts of games
  1. Chillsbane

    This is outrageous.

    Wow this is totally screwed up beyond believe the kid is only 8years old whats next inplants
  2. Chillsbane

    KFC or McDonalds

    Mcdonalds. Gotta get me some chicken selects
  3. what was that link for that build maybe it will help me get out of bronze
  4. Chillsbane

    Why Are People Nervous Or Scared?

    for me as an applicant i am a naturally nervious person by nature for probley the simple fact i over think things but if you dont try you will never know
  5. Chillsbane

    vVv Gaming takes 2nd in SCL Season 2!

    good job guys gratz
  6. Chillsbane

    Why MLG's Pool Play is not good for StarCraft 2

    i think the mlg needs to work on pool play its a good idea over all
  7. Chillsbane

    How to be the Best Player

    this clip makes a crap ton of sense kudos on posting this ZeRo
  8. Chillsbane

    Get the SteelSeries Scope at Best Buy!

    nice a best buy near where i live i am going to definitly pick up a pair when i get a chance