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    Hmm, I wonder how bad I would be at a game like Nexuiz after not playing anything like it for hmm...3-4 years. I might check the game out, see if I like it, and maybe if I can get any kind of skill up on it, I might get a team together on the game and sign-up. Highly unlikely though. GL to anyone here who will be entering the tourney.
  2. Floodsfire

    Recruitment method that you all should be using

    I don't think this would attract the kind of members the vVv community would like to recruit. Whenever I recruit for my clan, I aim to bring quality, not quantity. Even though this could, yes, bring the whole team you are playing with into the clan, many of them will, more than likely, be low-quality players. Low-quality in terms of skill, maturity, loyality, and, at times, common sense. When the people you recruit are recruited through a low-quality method...how can the recruits be high-quality? Personal messages, getting to know the players, and then recruiting them is much more safe for the future of clan.
  3. Floodsfire

    I DOn't Bite >.>”

    I need to jump on Mumble too then. Installing now.
  4. Neon Hitch make me wanna F Her Betta!

  5. I'm not a support player, but in any game I play, I know that I could not succeed without the support players. Without support, we slayers/killers/dps/deathdealers couldn't play our styles. I <3 you support guys.
  6. Floodsfire

    Roy + Snipedown leaving competitive Halo?

    Well said Legit. It is very true. It is extremely easy to see the trend...just go to Twitch and see the views. Halo is not even in the Top 5 most of the time. Sad, due to the fact that many people still enjoy watching the game, but without the big players there to give good, solid gameplay, no one comes to watch.
  7. Floodsfire

    Roy + Snipedown leaving competitive Halo?

    The debate of whether or not CoD and Halo are officially competitively dead is useless due to the fact that Halo and Black Ops II are still to come out. If the games hit the right notes, Halo and CoD will be revived in the competitive scene.If not, THEN we can state them dead. Too early to say yet.
  8. Floodsfire

    Roy + Snipedown leaving competitive Halo?

    Sad moment for competitive Halo. I still won't count them out completely. They've been playing Halo seriously for a long time, and if Halo 4 pushes through with the expectations that it has on its shoulders, we could see these guys return in the future of MLG. Maybe.
  9. Floodsfire

    Some Halo 4 footage

    Here is a video from SeaNanners as he plays Halo 4, it is bit goofy, but still shows gameplay. Personally, I wlll not air my specific opinions on the game this early because I have not seen enough gameplay and features of it. It looks good, and obvisously some of the news hasn't exactly been good for Halo fans, but I think it will still be a solid gaming experience in the end. Hopefully it is not a repeat of Reach's basic destruction of what Halo is, but still manages to add new content for new and old players. Anyway, here's the link:
  10. Floodsfire

    Some Halo 4 footage

    It might. The videos look very promising, but we have seen everything just yet. There might be something really bad under the wraps.
  11. Floodsfire

    What are you doing in your free time ?

    I play games, watch gameplays, and overall be a complete nerd on my free-time...because it's awesome.
  12. Floodsfire

    Free to Play to 15!

    I played for a little while before I raged at the horrible framerate because of my laptop (non-gaming). I might get back into it once I get my new PC, I'm bored of WoW anyway.
  13. Floodsfire


    I created an account here at VVV Gaming over a year ago (I haven't checked the exact date or anything) and I completely let it slip my mind. I personally love watching VVV's Starcraft and LoL players on Twitch, but I never remembered that I had an account here. I will aim to post here more often now as I rediscovered the website. You guys are a great clan that I enjoy watching, and I always hear more and more about you from around the community. Anyway, the reintro. I am a Finnish gamer that is currently in a gaming clan other than VVV. I love watching competitive gaming, and analzying gameplay from other players to get better at the games I play. Currently I am visiting Finland to see family and friends. My home actually resides in Atlanta, GA. I am a multiplatform gamer who enjoys a huge variety of games from Xbox, PS3, and PC. Basically, I am serious nerd. And I love it.
  14. Floodsfire

    Most disturbing movie you'e seen.

    Yeah, Human Centipede take the winner over me here. Disgusting, and pretty much just plain wrong.
  15. Floodsfire

    My Thoughts on Competitive CoD as of Now.

    CoD defintely has potential, but as of now the community is all out of whack. It needs to become more organized, and if Treyarch follows through on their word on focusing on the esports this time. Then CoD could be bigger in the esports scene.
  16. Floodsfire

    MusicSkins Announces vVv Memorial Day Weekend Contest!

    Can't wait to enter on tomorrow! I want VVV skin for my Xbox 360.
  17. Floodsfire

    Modern Warfare 3

    I'll be getting on MW2 to get back into the IW side of the game, BOPS is just a stale version of the COD series. I loved MW2, even though it had its faults, I loved it with my very heart, the gameplay just feels right, except of course the noob tubes start flying lol. Definitely looking forward to this game, at least I'm gonna play the campaign to the fullest extent.
  18. This game looks good, and I'm psyched for it, but I'll buying Brink before picking this one up due to the way I am, so I'll get around to this game probably late summer or early autumn.
  19. Floodsfire

    Brink releases may 10 (xbox)

    Well I have decided to buy this mostly because my friends are liking it and playing it a lot, and I tend to agree with my friends on game choices...most of the time.
  20. Floodsfire

    This is outrageous.

    Stupid people, god I hate seeing this kinda of crap in the news everyday. Botox into a 8 year old...wow!
  21. Floodsfire

    Modern Warfare 3

    I'm actually pumped for this game, mostly because of the plethora of leaked material on the Internet right now. I'm hoping that MW3 be more exciting than Black Ops. I've stopped playing BO unlike MW2, which I played until the last day.
  22. Floodsfire


    I'm actually interested in this as well, though yes I'm cynical of it, I think it could be fun. And also, I'm not saying that people who play Grifball are bad at other game types, I meant that I would think that most players that play mostly play competitive Grifball, most likely either aren't as good in normal gametypes, or just don't want to play the normal gametypes. I'm thinking about signing up on the website over the summer vacation and checking this stuff out first hand from the court, never know could be a fun experience.
  23. Floodsfire

    Recommend a Game!

    From what I see, I would suggest that you try Homefront, it is a pretty good shooter and easy enough to get into from playing CoD. Also, if you still like MMOs, I would defintely try out Aion and RIFT, I personally played Aion for a few months before my friends called me back to WoW, but it is a great MMO. And RIFT is a very well rated game and the reviews from this site's Articles section has a lot of information on it. Another game that you might like is Battlefield: Bad Company 2, if you have tried it already, give it a rent or at least watch some videos of it on YouTube. It's a solid FPS game that focuses on teamwork, but doesn't have the TF2 feel of Brink. Also here's a list of my favorites games from my collection for you and others: Halo 3 Age of Empires 1, 2, and 3 Starcraft 1 & 2 Counter-Strike 1.6/Source Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2 Mass Effect Call of Duty 2 and 4 Elder Scrolls: Oblivion Star Wars: Empire at War Mount & Blade: Warband Gears of War 1 (haven't played 2) Red Dead Redemption Battlefield: Bad Company 1 & 2 Portal 1 (haven't got around to playing the second one yet) Assassin's Creed Series Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Blacklight Tango Down(cool arcade FPS for $15 on Live and PSN) Fallout 3 Forza Motorsport 3 Mirror's Edge Killzone 2 & 3 Uncharted Series Doom 1 & 2 (Classic gaming) Wolfenstien 3D (Classic gaming) I've played alot of another fairly good games, but these are the ones that standout as the highlights.
  24. Floodsfire

    Where Are You From?

    I'm from Vantaa, Finland. But I currently live in Georgia.
  25. Floodsfire

    Try Rift for Free!

    Sure, I'll check it out, I'm interested in RIFT, looks to be a pretty good MMO. My email is tkt101@gmail.com