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    Tommi Turunen
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    Dacula, GA
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    Call of Duty Series, Halo Series, Homefront, GTA IV, SW: Battlefront
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    Finnish Food
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    Hangover, The Dark Knight, Star Wars
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    Competitive Gaming, Computer programming, and game development.

About Me

I am a sixteen year old Finnish gamer, who currently lives in the US. I'm looking to get into competitive gaming and I have a goal of one day playing on a at least partially successful MLG team. I'm always looking for more challenges in my gaming, and I like to meet new gamers and form friendships with others in the gaming community. My GT is S7 Floodsfire, S7 is my former gaming clan, I do intend to change my GT once I'm in another stable clan/team. So if you want to play some COD, Halo, or pretty much any game on the 360, hit me up.