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  1. Hopefully HotS will be picked up. If not it was a good run vVv
  2. Good read, most people dont realize how much you can actually gain from video games. I think the part about the roommates game would be great for a family with multiple kids because then it would get the little kids into doing chores and things.
  3. Magnet

    Pre-MLG Dallas Interview with vVv Glon

    you got this glon!
  4. Cant wait to start never been into fantasy sports but i think this will finally get me into it!
  5. Magnet

    LoL from a SC2 Player Perspective [Pt.1]

    Not a bad write up Also remember esports is esports support it all GLHF!
  6. CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Promised my friend i would play slenderman for her. This is the outcome T_T feel free to laugh at me since i havent stopped laughing
  7. Magnet

    LionHeart's Application >:D 2

    Good luck dude hope you get in!
  8. Viper so zerg can finally get rid of those damn tanks and colossus
  9. This would be great for my race switch ive been thinking about
  10. Magnet

    Is Solo Ladder not enough?

    Also dont forget when watching streams you can also learn a lot as opposed to just watching for fun, if the person does commentary or something of the sort you have the chance to learn new tactics and also learn why they did what they did. Thats just a little add on to your article great read
  11. We love you either way babytoss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! win or lose we still love you hahaha :banana: :banana:
  12. Magnet

    What are you doing in your free time ?

    -__- wow arkaine just wow but anyway i play basketball with my friends, hang with my friends, play softball with my brother, and also play games and watch movies/streams
  13. Magnet

    LAN Center

  14. This is really good for people who need a scholarship and also have a passion for gaming
  15. Magnet

    Personality Spotlight: Ryan "coLRyan" Rushia

    Woot Ryan youre the man! and great interview babytoss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!