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      We Moved from Mumble to TeamSpeak!   10/06/2015

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  1. Bummer, SC is a tough and competitive team. I understand why it could be cut for a logistic standpoint, but I will miss cheering for the under dogs at MLG.
  2. vVv Team Jersey Design - post your thoughts

    Looks great, I would seriously considering picking one up. The only thing that looks... iffy to me is the collar. The idea to put wording on that is really neat, but i think it makes it a bit too tall and makes it more of a turtleneck than a jersey. If it were up to me I would drop the collar wording, shorten the height of the collar quite a bit, and have a bit of a crew/v-neck style in place. Other than that, very impressive!
  3. tyty but im removed from the first to 50 and the first to max out light/dark side contest so have at it!
  4. Coffee? or Tea?

    Im not an expert on caffeine but once the coffee is in the cup, ambient temperatures shouldnt affect caffeine content. The vast majorities of tea have some caffeine as well (usually 10-25mg is the norm -- which *I think* would be plenty to get enough to block enough adenosine receptors and generate the feeling of being alert. With that said, i love them both, cant wait to get a keurig for christmas and go on the first nonalcoholic liquid binge in my life!
  5. Do you hate money?

    If so! This website is for you, i maintain there is no better way exile your money without involving naked people http://www.thisiswhyimbroke.com/
  6. A zombie BURST into your room...

    It may not.
  7. A zombie BURST into your room...

    My defense: http://i.imgur.com/kpygD.jpg
  8. A zombie BURST into your room...

    You have only seconds to react, the objects on your desk or within reach of your arms from the chair are the only thing you can defend yourself with, what do you do?
  9. trolling does not appease the volume of the void
  10. i must fill this void of waiting somehow!
  11. Anime comic thats a little scarry

    anymore description and it would lose its amazingness
  12. Anime comic thats a little scarry

    http://comic.naver.com/webtoon/detail.nhn?titleId=350217 Read it, then you will understand why i cant speak of it
  13. The WoW Server blade.

    Love it on hate is, world of warcraft did some great and amazing things for gaming. For you, me, moms, dads, family, grandparents, dave chapelle, and congressmen played the game. It truly brought gaming to another level, WoW commericals played during the NFL post-season! I spent a lot of my highschool years raiding, learning about economics, politics (guild officiating), sharing, loaning, gambling, greed, anger, frustration, and more; as it turns out, on this very server; finally mounting it on my wall like the head of a big game animal is truly and interesting feeling. Now that we're done with that, I thought I would show some close up pictures for those who werent at blizzcon or havent seen this before. This is a decommisioned server blade for one of the oldest servers around. Blizzard announced at Blizzcon that their oldest servers were going to be removed and auctioned off for Saint Judes Charity. Mine came in a couple weeks ago and I was torn between saving it as a Christmas gift for myself, I waited long enough. Upon opening it my first thought was, "holy shit, not a single spec of dust" They cleaned this mofo like a housewife on cocaine, it is spotless on the level of an acid-wash. The cover is plastic with tiny magnets embedded in the cover so it snaps on and off the server structure with ease. There are a lot of pieces in there and one day, after i talk with someone who knows about these, i want to turn this thing into a lego set. But until then its sitting on a table until i figure out how/if i want to mount it in my apartment. As i mentioned, i took a good amount of photos as this is a pretty cool thing not many people ever get to see in detail. If you want to request a photo angle, just be specific. http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/gallery/album/869-wow-server-photos/ Side note: if someone wants to teach me how to embed a photo, that would be super.
  14. From the album WoW Server Photos

    I finally was brave enough to start picking pieces off and this one blew me away. DDR ONE not two, which many people think of as old today, or 3 which is now typical, or 4/5 in some video cards... DDR ONE. ANNNNND its only half a gig at 400 mhz, super slow. but it is made in korea so its APM would be higher than its american counter part.