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  • Birthday 03/11/1993

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    Dwayne Cronje
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    Canada, SK, Saskatoon
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    Monsta is CoN
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    Call of Duty (All), Gears of War, Counter Strike (All), Americas Army 3
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    Spawn Living Legend
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    Egypt Central
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    Pro Gaming, Pro Paintball, Website Development, Designer, Video Editor
  1. Yeah, Natty is my buddy
  2. Thanks
  3. Sorry I haven't been on League of Legends lately, I just got a new job and i have been focusing on it lately, but mark my word, i will be on League soon
  4. Do to work i was not able to make it, so im just wondering who is on the team?
  5. I am clearly not the best but I would love to try
  6. Oh I will, believe me I will, mark my word I will, One doesnt know how much I will, but I will my good sir.
  7. Hey guys/gals, my name is Dwayne "Monsta" Cronje and I am new to Guild Wars 2, I played allot of World of Warcraft back in the day but not so much anymore, I love playing MMORPGS and since I slowed down with WoW I needed to fill that void, so here I am learning GW2. I hope to get to a high enough level soon that I can play around with all of the vVv guild members. See you all in mumble My Guild Wars 2 account name is: Monsta.3712
  8. Sounds good, I will be sure to check it out as soon as my chores are done
  9. LOL!!!!!
  10. Im going, I will be driving down there from Canada Roadtrip with my neighbour
  11. Inhouse games sound like a blast, I will be sure to be there everyday
  12. yeah so far I have really been enoying the time i spend in the vVv Mumble
  13. Thank you
  14. As a fellow LoL applicant, Good Luck with your App
  15. Thanks, I appreciate it