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  1. just played this guy that made 2 cannons and a gateway at my ramp lol I think he needs to go on zoloft
  2. HIHI ♥ gonna be gone for a week in Minnesota, when i get back ill be playing trying to get back into shape. Tell then, ggglhf ♥ xoxoxoxoxo lol
  3. On the surface he's calm and ready to drop bombs

  4. I like to play my videogames really loud just so my sister gets pissed because she can't sleep.

  5.  FusE

    Believersoul.787 Application

    notice he didnt say sorry to me lolol
  6. Real Madridddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  7. Live for today and learn from yesterday.

  8.  FusE

    Believersoul.787 Application

    ^ aggree with zorro. i was playing against one of his friends and he accused me of cheating cause i spoted a drop....and bmed me about it.....seems all he does is bm.
  9. i wannnnnnaaaaa gooo toooo sixxxx flaggggssss

  10. daymmmm ron and harry finally got someeeeeee yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  11. Yay new phone! Mesage me your number if youd like :)

  12. ヾ(@ツ@)ノ