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  1. Medpac


    If something happens can't you find the nearest healer? At max it will cost you 1 plat. :/ I do it all the time! On a serious note.... don't suck and pull the shoot! lol
  2. Medpac


  3. Medpac

    Rift - medpac

    plz close app. thanks
  4. Medpac

    Would You Rather

    Fender, Indian or Vietnamese food?
  5. Medpac

    Moving to a new place

    When are you coming back Zphinx?
  6. Medpac

    Try Rift for Free!

    I can also send out invites! Send me a pm on the forum and I'll make it happen.
  7. What if with the touch of a button you could transform from mindless damage per sec button masher to dungeon leading attention whore? Wait no more fellow MMO fans because your day has come, and it
  8. Medpac

    vVv COD Players

    ok cubed will do man.
  9. Medpac

    Top 10 Reasons to be I-nterested in Guild Wars 2

    This game will be amazing. I'm super pumped to play. Nice vid!
  10. Medpac

    Canucks fans!

    Ummm Boston is winning the cup. No big deal.
  11. Medpac

    vVv Wins CEVO L4D Season 2 Finals!

    Congrats guys!!!
  12. Medpac

    Halo:Reach May 1st Community Game Night

    I would be down for playing some reach one of these nights? Does this happen weekly?
  13. Medpac

    Osama Bin Ladin is dead!

    Hello People, As I come into work this morning and fire up my computer, I realized something
  14. Hello People, As I come into work this morning and fire up my computer, I realized something
  15. Medpac


    I am very interested in a QL team. I plated Q3 Rocket Arena for years and love it. Maybe we could all get in mumble, sit down and join a few servers. I'm sure we could make a team of 4 or 5 to run some CTF / TDM or CA. This game is fast paces, super fun to watch and has a lot of talent. My QL name is "Fastbucks" Please add me up.