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    • vVv Bagzli

      We have moved to Discord   08/04/2016

      There has been a strong desire among the community to migrate to Discord for quite some time. As of today, our community will be using Discord and as a result, we will no longer be actively using our TeamSpeak Server.  The TeamSpeak server will temporarily stay active to help inform all of our move to Discord. Within the next couple of months, it will be shut down completely.  For a quick invite to our new Discord server, you can click here.  
      For a full detailed guide visit http://www.vVv-Gaming.com/Discord
    • vVv Bagzli

      Supersonic Series Season 4!   09/24/2016

      Supersonic Series Season 4 starts on Monday, October 10th, 2016   vVv Gaming is proud to present the return of the Supersonic Series!  Unique game nights each week will allow teams and individual Rocketeers to bring their A game and level up their gaming skills!  Whether the goal is to improve teamwork, find suitable opponents, or just acquire valuable feedback on how to improve one’s gameplay, these events will accomplish just that!   Quick Facts: Supersonic Draft is every Monday at 7:30 PM EST. Supersonic Showdown is every Thursday at 7:30 PM EST. Supersonic Showdown will be factored into the RLC Power Rankings! Supersonic Showdown will be streamed, Supersonic Draft will not (unless we find more casters - interested? click here) Supersonic Series Rules & Regulations can be found by clicking here. To register for the tournaments visit www.vvv-gaming.com/rocket-league/register on the day of the tournament If you are late to check-ins via our Discord Server, you will not get to play.  Don't be late. To stay up to date with Supersonic Series, follow us on Twitter @vVv_Gaming Scroll to the bottom of this post to learn more about becoming a vVv Gaming Community member or how you can join our staff Season 4 will last 8 Weeks, which will be followed by a Season Finale which will be the 9th Week of the Series Supersonic Draft Season Finale will feature top 24 players based on the Solo Leaderboard from Season 4 Supersonic Showdown Season Finale will feature top 8 teams based on the Team Leaderboard from Season 4   Supersonic Draft When: Mondays at 8PM EST (5PM PST)  Check-in starts at 7:30PM EST and close at 7:45PM EST
      Where: vVv Gaming Discord Server: http://www.vvv-gaming.com/discord/invite  (Discord Guide: http://www.vvv-gaming.com/discord/guide)
      Format: 3vs3 - Double Elimination Tournament. Best of three in the winner's bracket and best of one in the loser's bracket until the last two matches which return to best of three. Style: Captain's Draft - Captains are chosen at random (see Registration section for more details) and each captain picks their team-mates. Captains will take turns picking their teammates in a “snake-style” (A, B, C, C, B, A) draft until all teams have 3 players each. Participating with friends is encouraged, however, there is no guarantee that you will be on the same team. The captain’s name will be entered into the Challonge bracket and will be used to represent their team.  Voice channels will be created for each of the teams on our Discord server. Registration: Visit http://vvv-gaming.com/rocket-league/register on the day of the tournament to register.  While signing up you will be able to volunteer to be a captain.  If there are more volunteer captains than the total number of teams, the captains will be picked at random from the pool of volunteers.  If there are not enough volunteer captains, then the remaining number of captains needed will be chosen at random from the remainder of players.  

      Supersonic Showdown When: Thursdays at 8PM EST (5PM PST)  Check-in starts at 7:30PM EST and close at 7:45PM EST
      Where: vVv Gaming Discord Server: http://www.vvv-gaming.com/discord/invite  (Discord Guide: http://www.vvv-gaming.com/discord/guide)
      Format: 3vs3 - Double Elimination Tournament. Best of three in the winner's bracket and best of one in the loser's bracket until the last two matches which return to best of three. Teams are pre-made by the players. Style: Pre-made Teams Registration: Visit http://vvv-gaming.com/rocket-league/register on the day of the tournament to register.
      Participating as an individual: After filling out the signup form you will be in a free-agent pool. To ensure your participation in the event, you should be seeking out other free agents to form a team.  Another alternative is to seek a team that only has two players and join their team for the evening. If you do not have a team by the end of check-in period, you may not be able to participate.  If this is the case, contact an admin and seek help with finding a team, please only seek help after attempting to form a team on your own.
      Participating as a team: After filling out the signup form above, your team is all set. All you need to do is show up in the discord server during the check-in time.  If you are seeking a third player for the evening, you can view the list of free agent players signed up at http://vvv-gaming.com/rocket-league/register and contact them to be part of your team for the evening. If you are unable to acquire a third team member on you own, then please show up on the Discord server at least 30 minutes prior to the event starting and seek help from a Supersonic Staff Member. Reminder:  Solo participants do not earn points towards the season finale tournament.  We strongly suggest putting a team together to sign up with!  Feel free to use our discord chat to find teammates.    Point System
      You will receive points for your participation in each tournament.  These points will determine the top 8 teams from Showdown  and the top 24 players from the Draft. The first tournament finale will be hosted for the top 24 players based on the individual scores from Supersonic Draft event.  The second tournament finale will be hosted for the top 8 teams based on points earned during Supersonic Showdown nights. Keep in mind that participating in Supersonic Showdown event will earn Team Points, participating alone earns you no points.
      Breakdown: 2 points for participating 2 points for every match won in the Winner's Bracket 1 point for every match won in the Loser's Bracket 2 additional points for placing 4th 4 additional points for placing 3rd 6 additional points for placing 2nd 10 additional points for placing 1st   Join vVv Gaming
      Become a Community Member If you are looking for an open and supportive community filled with e-sport fanatics that you can game and socialize with, then you should fill out an application and join vVv Gaming Community.  Being part of vVv Gaming Community is about being part of something more than yourself; It is about playing games with friends that are supportive and honest; It is about meeting up in person at LAN events; It is about making a difference in each other's lives and making a difference in e-sports. If this is the type of community you seek, then click here and fill out your application.   Become a Staff Member Working for an online gaming community has many rewards.  It is a good place to kick start your career in gaming, whether you are looking to become a business major or a community manager.  You will learn new things and acquire transferable skill sets that you can use to build your resume.  If you would like to get involved and help with running of Supersonic Series or other events, please visit our jobs page for more details: http://www.vvv-gaming.com/jobs   Supersonic Staff If you have a question, just reach out to one of our event administrators via Discord or private message via our forum. 
      Event Administrators:
      Mohulis, Bliss, Cherp
        For more information on vVv Gaming and to stay up to date with events that we host across various games, visit our website at http://vvv-gaming.com,  follow us on twitter @vVv_Gaming, join our Discord server at http://www.vvv-gaming.com/discord/invite or join our Rocket League Steam Group at http://steamcommunity.com/groups/vVvGamingRL   To join the discussion, click here!
    • vVv Bagzli

      Supersonic Series Stacks Up to Support the Troops   11/07/2016

      vVv Gaming Joins Forces With Stack-Up To Support The Troops     We believe that all gamers, regardless of skill, have a place in competitive gaming. We also believe that great things can come from competitive gaming and the communities that support it. As such, starting today, we are joining forces with Stack-Up in their missions and dedicating the Supersonic Series to the troops. Our goal is to help Stack-Up raise money to fund their missions. Each dollar that is donated goes directly to Stack-Up to support their cause. We invite you to join us in our mission by watching our stream, playing in our tournaments, and donating towards a greater cause: supporting the troops through gaming.  
      Stack-Up's Mission   "Founded in 2015, Stack-Up (TAX ID: 47-5424265) brings both veterans and civilian supporters together through a shared love of video gaming. With the motto: 'Veterans are our Mission. Gaming is our Passion', Stack-Up serves US, NATO and ANZAC veterans through three primary programs: The Stacks, Stack-Up Supply Crates, and Air Assaults." With one of their programs, Stack-Up assembles "Supply Crates" filled with video games and nerdy goodies which are sent out to veterans in combat zones, on humanitarian missions, in recovery hospitals, and sometimes even bases located stateside.  They strive to help improve experiences of service members while they are deployed; instead of focusing on how many days of deployment they have left, Stack-Up encourages them to be participating in video game activities with their battle buddies.  It isn't just about having fun either!  Scientific studies have shown that video gaming can help veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, stress, and even pain relief!  
      Donation Page

      You can watch vVv Gaming events live on our Twitch channel.

      Please come to watch and show your support!
        Stack-Up Information Website


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  1. You might want to note these values are at 130% exchange rate.
  2. I know labor exp scales with your labor, I am saying point for point it is the say xp.
  3. There are multiple build variants but I usually am heavy in the witchcraft tree, witchcraft has a heal, more health regen and mana leech to better substain in leveling. Play dead is amazing. Shadowblade is also one of the few melee that can great benefit from the dual wield passive in the battlerage tree since they dont use the attack speed from the auramancy tree, therefore you can play with multiple weapons. It will depend if you are playing it as a 2h, 1h and shield or 2 weapons which skills you will take. Remember that you can weapon swap by putting your weapons on your hot bar to switch them, also remember you can spend gold to reset you tree and try something else.
  4. 1.I doubt many people will use their first 50 gilda stars on a clipper design, let alone gather the materials to build one unless you have your guild help with the design/materials or an alt account or buy a design. 2. From what I have seen, alot of PVP happens at this area especially closer to land since most people will have to come up to breath. 3. You get more stones per labor used from mining iron nodes smf csm be done in a safe area. 4.It is the same
  5. 1. You will need underwater breathing equipment to mine effiecientlly there. 2. You will get ganked unless in a peaceful time period. 3. The stars shard chips and ore are not worth much. 4. You get the same xp per labor point spent so if you spend all your labor crafting/planting/mining/whatever it is the same ammount of xp.
  6. The small house was for the large scarecrow farm as both are 16 x 16. We are currently timing 50 Gilda star rush for the farmhouse since people feel 15 Gildas are going to waste buying the small house that most likely will not be used. We are also current experimenting reserving an extra 16 x 16 spot with placement tactics for those that cannot be on at headstart.
  7. Good build, instead of a rotation I would list combos in given situations.
  8. For a 2h melee build, it is between shadowblade, darkrunner, or a bloodreaver. Bloodreavers sacrifice a lot of mobility compared to shadowblades and darkrunners for cc. It depends on what you want to do, only thing I would suggest is to level and try it out for yourself. If you are wanting a personal opinion, I prefer shadowblade mostly because the witchcraft tree is amazing.
  9. You have 23 points at lvl 50. The builds you linked have 28 which is for the max level of 55
  10. There are several viable warrior type classes and caster type classes. Each of them ranging from glass cannon to tanky. Here are some of the class I can think of at the moment, I most likely have missed some, I can give you a more detailed list later tonight showing their strengths and weaknesses and how they play. I am headed off to play some ball golf with my dad for his birthday. Here are some of the warrior type classes. Darkrunner(Battlerage/Shadowplay/Auramancy) Shadowblade(Battlerage/Shadowplay/Witchcraft) Hexblade(Battlerage/Defense/Witchcraft) Blighter (Battlerage/Defense/Shadowplay) Abolisher(Battlerage/Defense/Auramancy) Paladin(Battlerage/Defense/Vitalism) For casters: Daggerspell(Sorcery/Witchcraft/Shadowplay) Arcanist(Sorcery/Witchcraft/Auramancy) Revenant(Sorcery/Auramancy/Occultism) Cultist(Sorcery/Occultism/Vitalism) Reaper(Sprcery/Occultism/Shadowplay) Defiler(Occultism/Defense/Witchcraft) Shullknight(Occultism/Defense/Auramancy)
  11. Houses will remain unfinished if you pay the tax for any amount of time. I believe boats have a 3 day timer.
  12. ArcheAge Name: Khaela Mumble Name: vVv_Khaela
  13. Tailoring most likely
  14. I am probably going to stick with a daggerspell, although I sure do miss my clown/spellsinger, songcraft took a big nerf in the 1.2 patch.
  15. if anyone needs help picking a class, just provide what type of class you enjoying playing and I or others can find a class that suits your playstyle.