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  1. Updated Trade Pack Values

    You might want to note these values are at 130% exchange rate.
  2. I know labor exp scales with your labor, I am saying point for point it is the say xp.
  3. Suggest a build

    There are multiple build variants but I usually am heavy in the witchcraft tree, witchcraft has a heal, more health regen and mana leech to better substain in leveling. Play dead is amazing. Shadowblade is also one of the few melee that can great benefit from the dual wield passive in the battlerage tree since they dont use the attack speed from the auramancy tree, therefore you can play with multiple weapons. It will depend if you are playing it as a 2h, 1h and shield or 2 weapons which skills you will take. Remember that you can weapon swap by putting your weapons on your hot bar to switch them, also remember you can spend gold to reset you tree and try something else.
  4. 1.I doubt many people will use their first 50 gilda stars on a clipper design, let alone gather the materials to build one unless you have your guild help with the design/materials or an alt account or buy a design. 2. From what I have seen, alot of PVP happens at this area especially closer to land since most people will have to come up to breath. 3. You get more stones per labor used from mining iron nodes smf csm be done in a safe area. 4.It is the same
  5. 1. You will need underwater breathing equipment to mine effiecientlly there. 2. You will get ganked unless in a peaceful time period. 3. The stars shard chips and ore are not worth much. 4. You get the same xp per labor point spent so if you spend all your labor crafting/planting/mining/whatever it is the same ammount of xp.
  6. Land Grab Techniques & Focus

    The small house was for the large scarecrow farm as both are 16 x 16. We are currently timing 50 Gilda star rush for the farmhouse since people feel 15 Gildas are going to waste buying the small house that most likely will not be used. We are also current experimenting reserving an extra 16 x 16 spot with placement tactics for those that cannot be on at headstart.
  7. Amped's Revenant - Tanky Initiator

    Good build, instead of a rotation I would list combos in given situations.
  8. Suggest a build

    For a 2h melee build, it is between shadowblade, darkrunner, or a bloodreaver. Bloodreavers sacrifice a lot of mobility compared to shadowblades and darkrunners for cc. It depends on what you want to do, only thing I would suggest is to level and try it out for yourself. If you are wanting a personal opinion, I prefer shadowblade mostly because the witchcraft tree is amazing.
  9. Suggest a build

    You have 23 points at lvl 50. The builds you linked have 28 which is for the max level of 55
  10. Suggest a build

    There are several viable warrior type classes and caster type classes. Each of them ranging from glass cannon to tanky. Here are some of the class I can think of at the moment, I most likely have missed some, I can give you a more detailed list later tonight showing their strengths and weaknesses and how they play. I am headed off to play some ball golf with my dad for his birthday. Here are some of the warrior type classes. Darkrunner(Battlerage/Shadowplay/Auramancy) Shadowblade(Battlerage/Shadowplay/Witchcraft) Hexblade(Battlerage/Defense/Witchcraft) Blighter (Battlerage/Defense/Shadowplay) Abolisher(Battlerage/Defense/Auramancy) Paladin(Battlerage/Defense/Vitalism) For casters: Daggerspell(Sorcery/Witchcraft/Shadowplay) Arcanist(Sorcery/Witchcraft/Auramancy) Revenant(Sorcery/Auramancy/Occultism) Cultist(Sorcery/Occultism/Vitalism) Reaper(Sprcery/Occultism/Shadowplay) Defiler(Occultism/Defense/Witchcraft) Shullknight(Occultism/Defense/Auramancy)
  11. Land Grab Techniques & Focus

    Houses will remain unfinished if you pay the tax for any amount of time. I believe boats have a 3 day timer.
  12. Archeage- Forum - Mumble names

    ArcheAge Name: Khaela Mumble Name: vVv_Khaela
  13. Guild Crafting Information

    Tailoring most likely
  14. I am probably going to stick with a daggerspell, although I sure do miss my clown/spellsinger, songcraft took a big nerf in the 1.2 patch.
  15. Recruitment Push

    if anyone needs help picking a class, just provide what type of class you enjoying playing and I or others can find a class that suits your playstyle.