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  1. Tom Clancy's The Division

    Yes, they pushed a server side hot fix but two talents can still be exploited. Right now I am reducing my gear score to sub 161 and enjoying playing the sub 161 GS DZ bracket, rolled through DZ for about ~4 hours yesterday without a single hacking / exploit issue. Was the most fun I have had in the DZ since Open BETA.
  2. Tom Clancy's The Division

    I would avoid doing DZ until current exploits are resolved. As it is, one can easily get over 1 million damage and one shot everything that moves. Have been very frustrated the past few days and finally decided to-do some searching and what I found is disgusting! Have seen a video were a player enters Challenge Mode Incursion and proceeds to ONE SHOT the APC, very very sad times for this game.
  3. De Keys

    If anyone is interested in playing / seeing what this game is about send me a PM. I have a few keys and would like to hand them out to those who have their V's!
  4. Tom Clancy's The Division

    Playing daily since launch, currently have completed 100% of PVE and sitting at DZ rank 56. Have ran into a few hackers in DZ, but nothing a quick exit DZ and re-enter to get a new instance cant handle. Have posted a couple of videos and personally feel that Massive is making strides to get a grip on the hackers.
  5. BETA Anyone?

    Still want a key?
  6. Overwatch Open Beta Coming to PC, PS4™, and Xbox One

    I pre-ordered just after the end of the last BETA can't wait to hop in game
  7. Operations and Flashpoints [Must Read]

    Been out of the loop for a few weeks, had an SSD in my ROG laptop shit the bed. Finally got a replacement ordered and hopefully I'll be re-installed and ready to frag shiz by next weekend (1/23)
  8. Introducing vVv Gaming's New President: vVv Medusa!

    Oh boy we are in trouble now ;-P hehehe Gratz!!! hope the new year and new pres brings great things for VvV
  9. Happy Holidays

    From my family to yours, Have a safe and Happy Holidays.
  10. Operations and Flashpoints [Must Read]

    I'll try and hop on tonight and Thursday around 8PM PST, Friday is out (obviously and Sat/Sun will be at random times. I'll also post my other character names so you guys can send me a PM / guild invite
  11. Operations and Flashpoints [Must Read]

    I have been leveling a IA and a Sith Warriorwhile My 65 Sith Corruption Socis sitting idle waiting for the Oricon spec op
  12. Operations and Flashpoints [Must Read]

    anyone up for operations this weekend?
  13. The return of SIN1ST3R (hopefully)

    "Now there is an overall xbox division" Might want to double check that one ....
  14. Operations and Flashpoints [Must Read]

    Now we know what days the majority of us can play lets set a day and time How about this Saturday & Sunday say 6PM PT? or would an earlier time work for those on the east coast?
  15. Operations and Flashpoints [Must Read]

    Are we running anything tonight? I have been leveling up a pure blood sith jugg that is lightside*lol*, once thats done I am going to level a pure blood sith jedi knight that is darkside