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    • vVv Medusa

      We Moved from Mumble to TeamSpeak!   10/06/2015

      TeamSpeak 3 Guide
      Don't have Teamspeak 3?
      Download here: http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads
      (Windows, OS X, Android, iOS, etc)
      Server Info:
      Server address: ts65.gameservers.com:9222
      (You can uses spaces in your name)  
      Need help setting up your microphone and sound settings?
      Tired of hearing that beeping/ding noise, when people post in TS chat?
      Can people not hear you while you have a game open?
      You should now have the basics of TeamSpeak set up. Welcome to the better VoiP program! You don't need to do anything extra so you can now come in and join us for events, find people to play with, or just to socialize.
        If you have any questions or need help, just ask a staff member or send me a PM!

      Guide to using plugins (add-ons) with TS3. This is NOT required: (Coming Soon)
    • vVv Medusa

      LoL ADL Season 8 Begins 2/19 at 9pm EST   02/06/2016

      Are you excited for the ADL's return of it's 8th season? Because we are! Be in TeamSpeak on February 19th at 9pm EST (6pm PST) to play! Want all the details? Click here to read all about the League of Legends Amateur Draft League!


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  1. Operations and Flashpoints [Must Read]

    Been out of the loop for a few weeks, had an SSD in my ROG laptop shit the bed. Finally got a replacement ordered and hopefully I'll be re-installed and ready to frag shiz by next weekend (1/23)
  2. Introducing vVv Gaming's New President: vVv Medusa!

    Oh boy we are in trouble now ;-P hehehe     Gratz!!! hope the new year and new pres brings great things for VvV
  3. Happy Holidays

    From my family to yours, Have a safe and Happy Holidays.    
  4. Operations and Flashpoints [Must Read]

    I'll try and hop on tonight and Thursday around 8PM PST, Friday is out (obviously  and Sat/Sun will be at random times. I'll also post my other character names so you guys can send me a PM / guild invite
  5. Operations and Flashpoints [Must Read]

    I have been leveling a IA and a Sith Warrior while My 65 Sith Corruption Soc is sitting idle waiting for the Oricon spec op  
  6. Operations and Flashpoints [Must Read]

    anyone up for operations this weekend?
  7. The return of SIN1ST3R (hopefully)

    "Now there is an overall xbox division" Might want to double check that one ....
  8. Operations and Flashpoints [Must Read]

    Now we know what days the majority of us can play lets set a day and time   How about this Saturday & Sunday say 6PM PT? or would an earlier time work for those on the east coast?
  9. Operations and Flashpoints [Must Read]

    Are we running anything tonight? I have been leveling up a pure blood sith jugg that is lightside*lol*, once thats done I am going to level a pure blood sith jedi knight that is darkside
  10. Operations and Flashpoints [Must Read]

    And completes my last purple quest on the planet correct? Would hate to start the new content and not be able to go back and complete it at a later date
  11. Post-patch companions

    Also helps if you pick the right heal companion, I know that if I pick one that is not a range heler IE: Jaesa Williams she will run in and be front line trying to heal. I usualy roll with a range healer like Quinn Have yet to die due to a lack of heals more times its me rushing in before my healer is spawned or taking on to many at once  I soloed the Oricon heroic area without a single death and that is by far (IMHO) the hardest heroic area in the game.
  12. Operations and Flashpoints [Must Read]

    I would skip Oricon but I just can't  my gaming OCD wont let me do it, I have to complete every purple before I move onto the new content. Bad enough I am going bat shit crazy over not completing every quest on every planet and exploring every planet ....
  13. Operations and Flashpoints [Must Read]

    Tues/Thurs/Fri after 7PM PT Mon/Tues after 8PM PT Sat/Sun varies based on soccer games / schedule, more then likely after 3PM PT   Can we do the Oricon one first? need that to complete my story line before doing new content.
  14. What happened to this game?

    I still play nightly since the recent DLC. Loved advancing my Sith Inquisitor through the main story line, then the Revan and now onto new content. Was extremely pleasing, engaging, entertaining and addictive. Also started an IA as I have heard that is the best story line in game.
  15. PC or Console

    I fail at using controllers  so keyboard and mouse for me on PC .. then I can blame PEBKAC