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Fates Titan

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    I can finally use the Shoutbox
  • Birthday 09/22/1986

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    Marathon Sole

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    Justin Darrow
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    Sobieski, WI
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    Fates Titan
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    Mass Effect 2, Rift, Uncharted games
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    pizza, salmon
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    I run marathons and other long distance races on my spare time. I am a huge fisherman as well. I tend to play rpgs and fps videogame wise.
  1. my ingame name is Alesia thanks!
  2. Hi guys! This is Blaine from Rift. I was wondering if it would be possible for me to receive an invite if there is space for the vVv chapter of SWTOR?
  3. Here is the site that I use for Datacrons and has been accurate so far on the 16 I have found. http://www.swtor-spy.com/datacrons/
  4. actually looks like he is sneaking up behind you to molest you
  5. Yea I currently use this build as well. I am getting 772 on a 5 minute dummy run with only selfbuffs. In t2 dungeons I have gotten above 800 a few times.
  6. Good to see ya back!
  7. PvE

    I have to work tonight till 5:30 server time. So I wont be able to make to raid time. I will hop on as soon as I can for support and to make fun of Ampeds stream. Good Luck tonight guys! Btw this is Blaine
  8. PvE

    I have a business dinner tonight I just found out about and I wont be on until 5:45ish server time. I will try to duck out of it as soon as possible though.
  9. Good luck with everything Randy! Take care
  10. I would be interested but my job won't let me run scheduled dungeons consistently. My job has randomized hours on random days due to it being part of a scientific research study. So I would love to be in a group as right now I end up mostly pugging and lose equipment to people that roll need on everything.
  11. Sorry about last night. Im at the gfs and was playing on her laptop. She booted me off it in order to do school work
  12. I think I have 1 of each but I would like to give it someone that would use it wisely...aka Drin
  13. Khaela do you have a ranged dps build for rogues? I can only sustain dps at 448 with my build. So i was wondering if you had a build that would help?
  14. PvE

    You can add Blaine to the raid list now as Ranged aoe DPS. Im also going to work on Khealas build as well.
  15. I'm looking for a lvl 50 bow for my character, Blaine. I just pinged 50 but have a terrible bow only at 25 dps. I was wondering if you could craft a bow for me. I would gladly pay and/or supply mats.