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    Basketball is my number one interest. Ball is life. Music is interesting. College is interesting. Gaming is interesting. Friends are interesting.
  1. Killzmane

    [FFXIV] Ghosts and Coblyns (Halloween Event)

    I still have yet to get back into playing since A Realm Reborn, however, it seems I may have to start back soon. This looks awesome.
  2. Killzmane

    Lalafell 4 u

    Some awesome choreography, should win an award!
  3. Killzmane

    Killzmane's Application

    Bump. Finished the application.
  4. Killzmane

    Killzmane's Application

    Name: Matthew Spaulding Age: 17 Location: Ringgold, Georgia Summoner Name: lolwhatyourface, TCOMG Killzmane What is your current division in Ranked?: Bronze 1. Inactivity kills. Was Gold. Have you ever been banned in-game? If so, why?: No, I have not. What is your favorite champion and role? Why?: Lee Sin is my favorite champion. He's got a pretty nasty gap closer with Q, and a semi-gap closer in his w, or a disengage with his w. His jungling is easy with his q, and quicker with his ability to jump through the walls. Also, with the ult, I can flash, kick, and drop someone important right in front of my heavy damage dealers. A cool thing about Lee Sin that I like too, is if you fall behind, or have to build tanky in some way, he can still deal a solid amount of damage and be useful with his ult and gap closers and shield. How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom?: Not really. I used to be on Staff for vVv, I wrote, did spotlight interviews, etc., but I was not very good at managing my time at a younger age. I was much more irresponsible haha. Though, I guess, originally what brought me to vVv was when I was playing Call of Duty 4 competitively and vVv Cubed used to dominate just about everything. Who do you currently know in vVv Gaming? How do you know them?: Oh lord. I know a lot of people in vVv. Sugarbear, JayC, Tak, Doomhammer, Buzz (not sure if he's even here anymore), LordJerith, the list goes on for a while. Again, I know them because I was previously on Staff. Why are you interested in joining vVv Gaming?: I was a part of vVv at one point in time, doing something I love, which is writing. I was much more irresponsible then though, and became inactive and was removed from not only Staff, but the community as a whole. I love this community, and constantly having someone to play games with, really no matter what game it is. vVv as a whole has always been run so well, and the community is always so amazing. What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming?: My "hobbies" pretty much boil down to one thing. That's playing basketball. I play for my school, and so we constantly have stuff going on, so outside of gaming it's pretty much basketball. I also LOVE to write. It's one of my favorite things on earth, and the reason I joined vVv in the first place. Only, like I said, at that point in time I didn't really understand responsibilities to well. Also, I help lead the Blue Nation for my school. The student section at football games. We get painted up and what not. It's quite awesome. Do you have competitive tournament experience?: In Call of Duty 4, yes. I played in many CEVO tournaments and leagues. I was very competitive then. When I was even younger than my Call of Duty 4 days, I played Quake 3, the FreezeDT mod on my dad's team competitively. It was called Mr, standing for Maximum Risk. We played in fraggednation leagues, and worldogl leagues. Have you attended any national events?: None of any importance, no. What do you hope to achieve, competitively?: Competitively, in league? Not much. I would like to get diamond or so and play in some really competitive online tournaments. As far as going pro or anything like that, I have no interest. I have other aspirations in life that I believe are better for me.
  5. Killzmane

    GW2 Application for 0770bV

  6. Killzmane

    Shuggles' application

    No. Lol. That pink taric!
  7. I'll be there, unconditionally.
  8. Killzmane

    Makuly's Application

    Someone get this guy an interview.
  9. Killzmane

    Makuly's Application

    Add this guy to the team. He is currently coaching me, and as such I recommended him here, since he needed a team to practice with. Great guy, really smart, and knows what he is talking about. He's a great coach!
  10. Killzmane

    Another day, another whollop?

    Gang. That is good. I'll replace family with gang next time. Thank you unfunny rapture.
  11. Killzmane

    Another day, another whollop?

    What's wrong with a family?!
  12. Killzmane

    Another day, another whollop?

    Bygone: mostly protoss though You: what about protoss? Bygone: broken as shit You: nope Bygone: yerp You: Going to go ahead and move on to something else, before this conversation becomes long and drawn out. How is everyone today? Bygone: probably for the better, not like you know what ur talking about anyway You: You're right. I don't. vVvMagnet: its ok clearly he does since hes #1 in the game and has won so many gsl's oh wait he hasnt You: ^ Nothing more needs to be said. Bygone: k then leave You: You are in my team's channel. vVvMagnet: ^^ Bygone: you're 'team' doesn't want you here either just another guy that decided he wanted to sign up on the website vVvMagnet: if they didnt want him they woulda kicked him... You: "You are" can't want anything because that doesn't fit in your sentence. Bygone: can't kick him vVvMagnet: yeah you can Bygone: fine kick me out of here right now You: And if you hate how vVv runs thing, why do you continue to chill in this channel. Bygone: exactly vVvMagnet: my friend got kicked out of vVv Bygone: i can just as easily change my name to have vVv in front of it and half of you wouldn't know the difference You: You can. I'm glad you'd be supporting our organization. Bygone: im...not? You: You are adding population in our SC2 channel? Bygone: which in turn obviously supports all of what u guys do right You: Our community is everything to us. The more the merrier. Bygone: its cus its all you have You: Just have to be dedicated. Bygone: nothing else to pride urself on bryan gemler (vVvGlon): Why such hate? You: We also pride ourselves on many championships, like in the recent MLG, our fighters won both first and second place. Bygone: acttually wathced that..very impressive You: Your ability to try and down vVv is not impressive. You actually suck at it. But, please, we would love it if you'd continue to idle our channel. Bygone: wasn't tryin to down it at all just sayin its not a big deal to be on it You: You say that, because you are not on it. Bygone: ? lol no i thought about signing up on the website..but i dont wanna use my only namechange LGShowtime: bygone im not on vvv and even i know they do so much shit for the community >> vVvMagnet: you probably wouldnt be accepted even if you did, mainly cause you continue to be very rude and all you do is complain Bygone: lol? You: He would be accepted. And then two days later he would go into a room with Jerry in it, and Jerry would make him cry in a corner while sucking his thumb for being so insolent. Bygone: who the hell is jerry lol You: Shows how much you know about our organization, and yet you judge it on the fact that "all we do is pride ourselves on the community" Bygone: great...you gonna tell me now? You: No. Jerry's name need not be spoken, or described to garbage like you. BluDragon: ^ You: ^ for good measure Bygone: so how do you know about him? BluDragon: we're a good guys You: And yet, I may be garbage. If that is true, that's okay. Because vVv is a family, and they have accepted me into the family. --- Shoutouts to vVv Magnet, LGShowTime, BluDragon, and vVv Glon.
  13. Killzmane


    I'm doing good as well. Just catching up on the vVv latest. Been missing out.