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  1. Krow

    Krow's DotA 2 Application

    So can I use the shoutbox yet?
  2. You should be more than fine to stream. Easy 720p 1500kbs, if not even more.
  3. "Krow Plays League of Legends": http://t.co/5vYfZO7c

  4. Krow

    Dota 2 Manager Application

    Just to give an outlook on how popular DotA 2 is, it's currently in closed, invite only beta. You can look in real time, how many users are online. It remains top 10 24/7, of all steam games. http://store.steampowered.com/stats/
  5. Krow

    Dota 2 Manager Application

    How about Amped, Vagrance and I almost single-handedly making a community in the DotA 2 section as well as organizing and running our own league with little support?
  6. His Q damage with auto combo is a bit too strong... they need to very VERY slightly tweak them both. maybe 10 overall damage on both of them.
  7. #StopKony #Kony2012 Something that needs to be adressed, I will do my part to help, spreading the word as best I can.
  8. Krow

    Nikota Application

    Nikota's a cool guy, I wish you luck on your app my friend!
  9. Krow

    Aaron "NBP" Kaye application

    I've played with Kaye for a long time, but I don't know if I can support this app. Those colors are hurting the hell out of my eyes
  10. Krow

    CharcoalCoyote's Application

    Love ya Charcoal, real up and coming player here! Good luck on your app <3
  11. Krow

    Krow's DotA 2 Application

    I would decline, it's a position I don't deserve to be in. Vagrance deserves it most in my opinion, I'm just sort of the... weapon for his sinister plans.
  12. Krow

    Krow's DotA 2 Application

    There is no division manager right now.
  13. Krow

    Krow's DotA 2 Application

    Well if I remember right, I was here before you Plat
  14. Krow

    Ranking Ad Carries

    Here's a good chart for all you guys someone posted up on the reddit. Thought it might settle some of the arguments here http://i.imgur.com/35l9W.jpg