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    Gears Of War Series, Call Of Duty Series, Fornite.
    My Old Team Was F3 On Gears Of War 2 And We Reach 2th In 2009-2010 On GamesBattle.
  1. StorM iLy

    I'm back

    Hi guy my name is Luke and I was active during 2011-2013 on this forum and I decided to came back:)! I'm currently playing fortnite BFV Gow4 on xbox. My Gt is Sheen add me if you want to play.
  2. StorM iLy

    Looking for people to play with

    I was wondering if someone wanted to play some Gears Of War 4 ? Add me on xbox one my gamertag is Sheen. 😃
  3. StorM iLy

    Earthy Introduction

    Hi Bro !!
  4. StorM iLy

    Hey Everyone!

    welcome !!
  5. StorM iLy

    Helloooo from Orlandooo ^-^

  6. Ghost recon is not good I dont like the series in the past..
  7. StorM iLy

    Hello vVv Gaming

    Welcome to vVv !
  8. StorM iLy

    Irateee's vVv Gaming Application

    Nice app goodluck for mw3 !!
  9. Welcome to the Forum Jp!
  10. StorM iLy

    Trecks Application

    Good Luck !!
  11. StorM iLy

    vVv Application (FIFA)

    Good luck on your application and stay active
  12. StorM iLy

    FoRuuM Application (NHL)

    I will do my interview in a week
  13. StorM iLy

    What's up, guys?!

    Welcome to vVv Gaming and stay active
  14. StorM iLy

    Hey vVv from California!

    Welcome to vVv Gaming Rolos and stay active