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  1. Halmak

    Favorite Class combo and Why

    Mage - Healer (PvP/PvE): Chloro/Necro, never run out of mana and be extremely durable in PvP and PvE. Elites aren't a problem and neither are sabs or marksmen. Control (PvP): Dom/Necro. Dom is really strong as you start to get deeper into the tree. Their damage is extremely underestimated. Imagine the possibilities of Split Personality+Empty Crypts. Rogue - Solo (PvP) : Sab/Sin, paralyzing strike -> blast charges -> detonate -> blind -> blast charges -> detonate - foul play -> blast charges -> detonate
  2. Halmak

    Secrets of vVv in Rift

    Maybe if you offered free drinks in mumble more people would log on.
  3. Halmak


    I'm on the East Coast and am always up at seven. When I got busy today I just hit the space bar every so often. I don't expect the queue times to be this bad by this time next week.
  4. Halmak

    Flying Solo

    Thankfully we're all in a great guild and don't have to PvP alone that often. That said I don't always gank solo but when I did I used something similar to this build on my rogue in beta: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0MMTV.0AMbt0boz.VcMbjzoz.qV00z I hope the link works. Edit: Level 42 build
  5. Halmak

    No more +10 on race

    Does this mean they'll be adding another set of racials?
  6. Halmak


    Hey there. I'm new around these parts. I had a decent experience with you folks in Rift, so I thought I might just drop by your forums.