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  1. when you get on message me

  2. Hey guys, just wondering if any of the vVv family has girlfriends/wives/companions that hinder their gaming experience? I mean for the first few months she thought Starcraft was cool and didn't mind if I was playing it alot because I'd alt-tab and talk to her between games, but lately she's just bitched about the game, what about you vVv do your loved ones torment your gaming experience?
  3. Thanks for the add - let me know when you want to get online and play a few

  4. Hey guys, I was just wondering, who would be interested in a vVv League of Legends team? PM me if you're interested and we'll see what we can do!
  5. Eoblah

    REVIEW: Steelseries Merc Stealth Keyboard

    I have one of these, it's the sickest I'd recommend it to any FPS/MMORPG gamer!
  6. Eoblah

    Top 200

    Congrats to Hasuu on making top 200!
  7. Eoblah

    Calling all Members. I need you support !

    I'd definately like it, but I can't! If you figure it out so that I can, let me know!
  8. 10 more days! Personally I am not attending, but I will be watching attentively at home, waiting for all of the vVv players, in any of our eSports!
  9. Eoblah

    Figuring out PvP: Without Four Gating

    I have always used the 2gate robo build in PvP with great success, what I've been finding successful in PvP lately is a 4-gate Fast expand, where you get all 4 gates, expand then continue the mass production of the 4 gate, which can later transition into 4 gate colossus, or oGsMC's infamous 6-gate play. Expanding with all 4 gateways leaves you missing one cycle of production which means your opponent will be at a slight advantage as for production. This isn't as bad as you would think, properly micro'd Zealot-Sentry will be able to control the stalkers and either force the opponent to expand realizing that you can match his production, or he will continue pushing in with his "all-in", at which point, with your increased income you can add two more gateways and surpass the opponent's production, then go in for the kill.
  10. Eoblah

    Gone fishin'

    Welcome Black Roar!
  11. Eoblah

    SC2 Friend list

    I'll have to add Roar once he's back from fishing
  12. Eoblah

    GSL Season 5

    Min Chul better win this!
  13. I actually really enjoy this show, and it's not just Zerg QQ
  14. Eoblah

    Starcraft 2 Newsletter

    CAn I subscribe to the newsletter somehow so I can recieve an email regarding the SC2 newsletter
  15. Hopefully in S2 I can make it to Masters! :)