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  1. Christi

    Scary horror PC game

    that Alan Wake game seens pretty cool
  2. Christi

    vVv Team Jersey Design - post your thoughts

    Wow that's fuckin nice!!
  3. Christi

    Open Beta coming soon!

    As a caster, casting all spells on the run is gonna be the shit!!!
  4. Christi


    I love my sorcerer for PvE, not so much in PvP. I like having a insta spell with no cooldown that I can spam and kite melee classes. no such spell in this class. 1.5 sec GCD is not to fun either. With killing gold elites, just DOT and do some dmg and heal Khem Val and you'll be fine. BTW that link blazek posted is where you should have your key binds.
  5. Christi

    Update on Ability Delay

    I need more instas!!!
  6. Christi

    Oakland Raiders

    Thanks man
  7. Christi

    Oakland Raiders

    The Oakland Raiders are without a head coach. We need to get Jon Gruden back to the raiders. Plz tell people about this facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/groups/249236575105991/
  8. Christi

    New kid on the block.

    Ya, ph33r is a funny guy. keeps things entertaining.
  9. Christi

    Hi guys

    @Blaine Hmmm I saw you talking to khela in guild chat. I kinda remember you. Maverick and zphinks are here from rift too. If you need any help msg me in game. Christi.
  10. Christi

    Upcoming PvP Changes

    I hope they make queues of more than 4 people.
  11. Christi


    Mav, you know i'm down for pvp, but not till I hit 50. =)
  12. There are always people in the swtor mumble channels willing to help out. You'll get the hang of it quickly and be having fun in no time. Oh yeah, choose Empire when you are ready to make your character.
  13. Kb's = medals. Add me in game. Christi. All i do at max lvl is pvp, im not much of a raider. Ninja invite me when you see me on.