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  1. Papabear`

    Switching to halo reach

    Hey guys I've been playing call of duty series for the longest Time and I really want to get into halo now because black ops acts stupid sometimes on ps3. Now I have played halo 3 long ago but any tips you guys could let me know for when I start playing reach?
  2. Hey shluu thanks for the add xD

  3. Hotel party tomorrow with a 80 inch projector cod black ops anyone who lives in jersey hit me up

  4. Papabear`

    Oh why hello there :D

    Welcome Justin hope you enjoy your stay and come back day after day hope to talk to ya soon
  5. Papabear`

    Event Location and Hotel Information

    Dam why not host the event at Hilton antole again? It was a banging hotel
  6. Papabear`

    Uncharted 3 Teaser Trailer [HD]

    One of my favorite games and that teaser really is a tease
  7. Papabear`

    My name is Bane and I am so happy to be here!

    Welcome bane glad you joined and hope to see more of you around the forum
  8. Papabear`

    MLG is hiring!

    John curran??? That guy was at my house during the ugh filming he even took me out to eat sushi very good guy always got a smile on his face.
  9. Papabear`

    Quick Steelseries Spectrum 5XB Review

    Very nice review good job I still have to purchase my steel series
  10. Papabear`

    MLG Dallas and MLG Columbus Announced!

    Can not wait I'm going to all the events withnmy friends
  11. Papabear`

    Does anyone even play Reach?

    I wana get it just to check it out I have xbox but not reach
  12. Papabear`

    Hey everyone, it's Elitest... I'm new here!

    Welcome to vVv gaming and nice website
  13. Papabear`

    vVv Picks up Halo: Reach Team vVv Southern Comfort!

    Contests and welcome
  14. Papabear`

    vVv Picks up Halo: Reach Team vVv Southern Comfort!

    Contests and welcome
  15. Contests guys been hearing vVv had one of the best star craft divisions keep up the work