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  • Birthday 11/13/1991

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  • Twitter https://twitter.com/HypErKiZ_Gaming
  • Facebook http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000546492864
  • Skype Dreamlovecures4c

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  • Full Name Michael David Lewis
  • Gender Male
  • Location New York
  • Alias AtLandsEnd, KiZoGe
  • Stream Link http://www.twitch.tv/atlandsend
  • Favorite Games Sc2, WoW, Formula1 2012, COD, NBA 2k13, DayZ, TDU2, GTA series, Wc3, Brood war, Sims 3, Need for speed series, Shift 2...many more
  • Favorite Foods Chili Dogs, Chicken Sylvakki, Tex burger!
  • Favorite Movies Pre much any Comedy, Romantic-Comedies, Action, Documentaries
  • Favorite Music August burns red, Vildhjarta, Vanna, Chevelle
  • Interests WoW, Sc2, CoD, DayZ, NBA 2k13, Formula1 2012
  1. Archeage- Forum - Mumble names

    Archage name: HypErKiZ Mumble name: HypErKiZ
  2. West or East Poll

    Kappa Kappa Kappa
  3. West or East Poll

    Not I but them Asian ladies are quite tempting haha Yeah the poll isn't really a deciding factor. Just interested in what everyone thinks initially. I am down for either side and am in agreeance with a meeting.
  4. West or East Poll

    Choose a side.
  5. Recruitment Push

    We need to make a poll for what side we gonna roll
  6. Recruitment Push

    Not only am I just interested in coming back to vVv-Gaming for ArcheAge, I WANT to come back to vVv-Gaming for ArcheAge! Gonna be a hardcore PvP with my Primeval build I been working on in the beta. ( Shadowplay, Archery, Auramancy )
  7. Hey everyone I will be offering coaching to any zerg! I have applied to the vVv Aspire #2 team or the Zerg coaching position. I would love to get a chance with as many players and receive there testimonials. I work better when I have multiple people because of the way my process is, Here is what I will be doing I will ask for a replay pack of match winning and losing of games. ( please provide questions and descriptions of the replay ) So I clear understand you game a bit better. As soon as I get the pack I will instantly watch every match and take notes on them all to review with you I will then set up matches to mimic games from replays to work on improvements. ( please have someone to play against or if not we will both work on finding someone ) Each game we will go over and work towards refining each time, This will work on memory and cleaning up minor issues. We also will work on specific styles you may have trouble against if you need help with against X race and X build more further to ultimately raise your level of play with said matchup to your overall level of play. ​ Please Post if you are interested in going through my process with your in game name and char code. and your email or what ever means of send of replay packs. Hyperkitty135@verizon.net Skype: DreamLoveCureS4C
  8. @Hiei You can practice anytime mate! Just ask people, don't let the waiting keep you in a stale mate
  9. @SugarBear I already talked with BabyToss, she seemed to already have filled the zerg coach spot last time I heard from her. I will get in touch asap though! Id be willing to coach either side
  10. LG-IMMvp tonight WOOT!

    Im a Zerg and im a huge Mvp fan XD
  11. LG-IMMvp tonight WOOT!

    :/ sad dark times
  12. Im so pumped for this Code S Season! MVP is playing tonight/morning and I hope to see him in better health. I feel he will get atleast to the Semi finals if he can make it out of this first group stage What do you all think? Will his health be better? Will he make it out of this crazy group? How far will he go!?!?!?
  13. Aspire Team #2

    Gonna be some good times! I predict great things!! #DatvVvSkillz
  14. Highest APM ever

    I did a test APM match back in the day and with 2 handed palm/finger spam i reached over 1.4k XD fun fun fun
  15. What is your Starcraft name? HypErKiTTy and vVvKiZoGe What is your real name? Michael David Lewis How long have you been playing any type of RTS games? Since I was 9 SC1 and played Wc3 semi-pro How old are you? 20 ( 21 in 9 days ) What league are you in? Diamond / Masters, I play mostly daily tournaments more then ladder. I play on NA, EU and KR servers as well. How many times a day and week do you play Starcraft. (Actually practicing and laddering) I am online game, forums, streams 12+hours a day most days What is the race that you play? (Cannot be random) Zerg but can play protoss as well. Why do you want to be in Aspire Team #2? I want to be a Coach for the team because I feel I can offer more coaching the team then playing for it. My knowledge is high and motivation is strong. Do you know anyone that is in the Clan? Have you gotten invite by someone?(Referral) I'v been with vVv for a long time. I basically know everyone What are you trying to achieve by joining this Team? I want to make a difference in vVv's Sc2 division, I know I can achieve that with me in a coaching position. Will the maximum participation, teamwork, and effort be coming out of you in order to practice? All my motivation and time will be put into it, given the opportunity. What days of the week can you play late and what days you can't?(What are your hours basically) 7 days a week and how ever long needed. Alone right now I can easily spend 12 hours + on Starcraft 2 and on forums and streams. What will be your contribution to the team? Great knowledge, inspiration, motivation, hard work and someone who will be there when a player needs me to be! What would you like to do on the Aspire Team #2? (Coach, Player, Caster, or Updater) Coach *wink wink*