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  1. Returned for Dota. Really surprised its on gonna be added soon

  2. -sighs- with my laptop busted, and no daily access to a computer, i cant be on as much as usual......

  3. In school, beatin people in Smash, Tekken and MK9

  4. Kirikou Rung

    This Month's FAIL Brought To You By: EA

    Lolz good podcast vVv -ZeRo-, or is it vVv Zero? O_o
  5. Kirikou Rung

    Starting Your Own Podcast #1: Concepts and Basics

    Great read, can't wait for part 2 to come up. Hope its as good and informative as this one.
  6. Kirikou Rung

    IMG 1592

    Thats Sick! Do you have one for the Wii??
  7. Ima do this as soon as i get my 3DS