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  1. Formally know as Sugar, whats the story behind the name change?

  2. PrEeN

    Rainbow Six Siege

    Hey guys, is anyone playing R6S on pc? Looking to group up with some people
  3. Looking for PC Rainbow Six Siege players. Does vVv have any?

  4. PrEeN

    Zombie Report 4

    Its Happened... Zombies are real, Get ready people i told you they were coming! So this is the 4th Zombie Report i am posting, with some very very scary news! a Biologist creates "Zombie Cells" in a lab today, I think they said he works for umbrella but don't quote me on that! But not only do we now have zombies being created, BUT as quoted in the article "The silica replicants can survive greater pressures and temperatures than flesh, and perform many functions better than the original cells did when alive." They are making super zombies! With this statement we know that the zombie Apocalypse wont be of "the dead" series kind I.E Land of the dead, day of the dead, etc. But more like resident evil zombies, which is way scarier! People be scared because the lead researcher Bryan Kaehr is. "Our zombie cells bridge chemistry and biology to create forms that not only near-perfectly resemble their past selves, but can do future work," he said, terrifyingly.... Terrifyingly!! He know what he's doing is dooming us all but he can't not. Because who doesn't want to see how they would do in a zombie apocalypse. Good luck everyone i hope we all make it. To check out the Video and article head here
  5. PrEeN

    Zombie Report 3

    Its That Time Again! Zombie Report 3 ! Today's Report will Strictly all State Of Decay. If you love zombies and you haven't heard of this game then you're lucky the you've been living day to day without the URGE to play this game all the time and then not being able to fulfill that URGE because the game hasn't released yet. The basics: Single-Player Sandboxed Zombie Survival. Adding to it: Xbox Arcade title, With MMO as a future update. If you have seen DayZ, Picture that with beautiful graphics, Campaign, and a hole lot more to do. The developer UndeadLabs, and there project State Of Decay Will take Zombie Survival to where we always wanted it. To touch back a bit, State Of Decay ( Code Name Class 3 ) Will release as a single player Zombie survival game Xbox Arcade Game. With feedback of the game, Class 4 a future title, MMO Zombie Survival Game, will release as a full Tittle. And Class 3, will have a CoOp update. Getting back to the point. This game is going to have some crazy features. In a recent Blog post from Undead Labs, they tell a story from the eyes of some of the NPCs of the game. And behind what they're saying is a bunch awesome features the game will have. Starting with! Your Home In the Blog post Linked Below in multiple places they talk about "The place you call home" and what it can do for you. Its main purpose? A place to rest, heal up, and give you protection. There will be a night and day, and you definitely dont want to be about during the night when the zombies can see you, but u cant see them. It also gives you a place to protect other survivors and create a community of people with different traits and skills. Its been written that depending on where your staying, you will have a certain amount of space to build upgrades to your home. Also you need to make sure you have enough room for everyone, Beds and all. What can you add to your home? Confirmed: Farms, Infirmaries, Workshops, Training Area, Cooking, and storage. Defensive add-ons like barbwire, watch towers. and Hopefully a lot more! Your Community With in your home, you have all of the survivors. As mentioned above each survivor has different abilities, but they also have pros and cons. Everyone reacts differently to things. Your Community has an overall Moral, And you want that as high as possible. but more so, each survivor has a moral, or a mood, and they effect other survivors, so one survivor can be "proud" and give everyone a boost by showing leadership skills, where another survivor can act cocky, and as if they're better then the rest, and bring everyone's mood down. There are easy ways to change peoples moods. For example, Finding some luxury items like alcohol, or killing a nearby horde of zombies. Keeping your morale up is very important. The problem is you cant survive on morale. So you always need to make sure you have Food and Water, Medicine, Ammo, Building Materials, and Fuel. These are your resources you will be working with every day. Some more important then others, but you never want to go long without one of them. Another resource you can use is influence. You gain influence by doing good things for your community. And with that influence you can ask for deeds back. Day to Day In day to day life as a survivor, you need to keep in contact with your Community. Radios have become the main way to communicate from distance. If you see a Horde of zombies heading for home, its always good to let everyone else know before they get there. What else can the radio be used for? If you find other surviving communities, you can contact them when you need help or advice, if you need a little ammo and have some extra food, why not trade? You also need weapons when you go out, or are being attacked by zombies at base. But what happens when you gun conks out!? Maintenance of your things is a crucial thing. So workshops can help you repair, and maintain weapons. Scouting areas, building, and surroundings is a great way to keep your people alive, and have a high moral. scouting the town and clearing out infested building will do all of that. In doing that you will be able to keep the attacking hordes away, and in smaller numbers. You know what they say, If you see one zombie, there is probably more. So keep them at a low number and you shouldn't have as big a problem. To close up, This game will be awesome! and not only it will be even MORE AWESOMER! when the MMO version releases. Like a lot of people did when vVv played Starwars The Old Republic. I will be tweeting my adventures as a survivor. and i hope others will do as well. So keep your eye out for this game, Undead Labs has said the game is due for release early 2013, So all we can do is hope its sooner then later. PrEeN Undead Labs Blog
  6. I didnt think id ever learn about competitive swimming on these forums. It was a good read and a nice change to read. Props
  7. PrEeN

    Cheap / Free to Play, Games

    The Best Things In Life Are Free So lets look at some awesome Cheap or ( Torrent available ) Games that you could relax take a brake from the competitive scene and just nerd out on. Today we will be looking at Cortex Command, Faster Then Light, and Prison Architect. Cortex Command Available on Steam, ( or other less legal ways to download ) Cortex Command is a Genius 2d Pixel-y Real-Time Tactical / Strategy game. Point of the game? Take over the world and kill the enemy teams brain. Each Team plays a different Race, Each race with its pros and cons. You start with some money, A brain. Your first job is to secure a planet for yourself. On the main screen each team chooses which territory they will attack and how much money they will spend to do so. When everyone turn is done the battles commence. You can end up in a crazy action packed game with 3 others teams trying to eliminate you. The game plays a lot like Worms, accept there are no turns during combat, its real time and you control your team with basic actions, You can call down more troops to fight, or to mine gold. you can set them to mine, patrol, attack enemy Brain. You call down for support and have a large variate of ways to destroy the enemy. Its a single player or splitscreen game. Cons There is no Online multilayer, its very new and riddled with bugs, (Since the last time i played) and there are issues that need to be addressed during end game which prevent the losing team to ever be able to catch up. It is a must play game and if you want to support them by buying the game on steam, Go for it! But in its current buggy state i am waiting before I invest Faster Then Light This game is quite simple compared to Cortex Command but ends in a way more frustrating and hard play through. You are the captain of a ship behind enemy lines and you have information that can destroy then imperial fleet. Your Mission is to fly all the way back to the rebel sector and deliver the news. The hole game your running from a deadly force in your ship. You ship has its health and a shield. If your hull is destroyed you lose, if you run out of fuel, you lose, if all your crewmen die... you guessed it... YOU LOSE. There are many ships to unlock that makes you play the game in a hole different style. Your starting ship is the basic generic ship. You use lazers and missiles to get to the end. But you unlock stealth ships that avoid all conflicts, or ships completely manned by robots, and defended by flying droids, and ounce you do that you can switch it to "Hard" mode. As if the normal mode wasn't hard enough... Hard More is Impossible! Lots of headaches but also make you want to win that much more. Games are fairly quick and it keeps your score so you can compete against your friends scores. Prison Architect Last but not least, Prison Architect Alpha. Yes it is in alpha so expect it to be broken! To sum it up quickly... Prison Tycoon. Build a prison that can hold inmates. keep them tamed, don't let them escape, and try and avoid your prison being burned down to the ground. Its fun, there is a slight learning curve at the beginning of the game, but a quick youtube tutorial on how to most effectively set up your prison will get you on the right track. If you like the tycoon type games, then definitely give this game a look. [meida] More Cheap/Free to PLay Games coming soon, let me know what you think about the games, or if you have any FTP games of your own you'd like to share Hit Me Up. Cheers vVvPrEeN
  8. PrEeN

    Summer Recap - 06/09/2012

    The End Is Near! So summer is ending, and kids are going back to school. With a lot fun, and laughs, troubles, disappointments, and work. Its time to switch from this "Vacation" mode and get things into gear! But before that id like to share my summer, experiences, and learned morals in this short 2 months. Starting with vacations. Vacations are very important to a persons health. Its lets you take a brake, de-stress. brings up your morale, happiness, and mood. But what do i mean by vacation? A trip to Disneyland? Camping? Maybe, it all depends on what you get out of it!! For instance during my 2 week work vacation i went camping. Outdoors, beer, food, friends. Now thats a vacation...Expect it wasn't, It was stressful because my friends are horrible planners, required doing a lot of work getting to and from the camping site. And turned out to not really feel like a vacation but more like work. So when i say vacation it can be anything! If you have 2 days off of work and you have made sure that your plans are chilling around, spending time with the family, chilling on mumble playing games. As long as it put you in a better mood and it doesn't feel like work, Then your on Vacation! #vVvCommunity show did not advance as much as i hoped during the summer. It was the peek time during work, and with lots of people quitting my scheduled got hectic. Then adding trying to help a friend through a very big rough patch, what i wanted to do with the show ended up not happening.With summer being over work will slowly decrease giving me more free time to work on this project. But i still face time restraints with my friend...And now with politics Because as awesome as Canada is, it still has issues and sadly living in Quebec, a GIANT issue has occurred. We just had an election for who will run the province of Quebec. We happen to be divided by language in our provincial election. English vs French. The French Separatist Party has won the election with a minority. Now with a minority they cannot do what they hoped for which was separate the province and become its own country, it has created a large tension between the English and French. The hole platform for the Partie Quebecois ((PQ) The winners of the election) Is to ensure that people can only learn french, and everything must be french. Because of this the English people get scared and move out of Quebec. Two nights ago after the election, an English man walked into the PQ Headquarters and tried to assassinate the leader. A failed attempt, but creating more tension. So now we have a war in the streets where its not really safe to walk around. Last night my friend and I where assaulted by three French guys because we were speaking English. With this i too may be running away from this province. With the police doing absolutely nothing for our case, and trying to persuade us not to press charges because the case will be thrown out before it goes to court. I don't really think the police are on our side... so sadly I will be dealing with more nonsense and will have less time to deal with my pass time activities. With all that said. Welcome School year, And i hope more gets done with the vVvCommunity in the next couple of weeks. Cheers
  9. PrEeN

    Work 1 - Vacations!

    So Now I'm Back! From Outer Space! Hello everyone! This is the first blog i'm posting since vacation! And i mainly want to talk to you guys about Vacations in general so the first topic in my "Work" Series will be Vacations. But before i get to that i just want to give you a small update about the show! So i am experimenting with new streaming programs and i am hoping to get a better quality from them. vVvphersghu has offered to help with overlays and I'm really exited to work with him. Also There was a large amount of people that were allowed to enter my "Alive Man" Contest. Details HERE ( Scroll down to Alive man Contest ) Here is how the contest went: Thanks for participating everyone!! Better luck next time! The alive man stays a secret for now! So on to the show! I Just got back from my 2 week vacation form work and school. I start school at 8 am ( Wake up at 6:30 AM ) finish at 3PM, leave to go to work get there at 3:40 PM start work at 4 PM and finish at 9PM home by 10PM. VERY Long days so a 2 week vacation from both at the same time was awesome! But i had the idea for this blog after getting a 2 day weekend from both. ( Because my 2 days off of work do not follow. Usually Monday, Wednesday ) My main point is it doesnt matter the length of time off, but what you do with that time So specifically on these 2 days off that i got, i DID NOTHING! i told my girlfriend i needed me time, video game time, time to relax, and do nothing. It was magical!!!! I dont know if you guys know this. But if you have 2 days off in a row... your lucky and don't waste them! I often see people working on there days off. A common thing is to catch up on homework, cleaning, do chores, garden, ETC. Those are not days off! you need the rest, the zero stress! its so rejuvenating. My 2 week vacation was mostly spent with my girlfriend and friends, ( Which was fun ) but not relaxing... i went camping... OUTDOORS! in a very secluded place. NOT RELAXING. you have to plan it out. pack the car, drive there, unpack, put up the tent. and then be pissed that in a few nights you gotta do it all over again... Not relaxing. The best part of my vacation?! was playing video games, and marathoning tv shows. NO JOKE You guys might think im crazy, but need to try it. Take the time for you. no stress do as you feel, you don't need to play video games. you might think camping is very relaxing. The point is do what you can FOR YOU. you have 2 days out of 7. relax and take it easy! Have a good summer to everyone and use your time wisely! Im exited to get back into the swing of things with the #vVvCommunity. So Make sure to be watching for the next episode of the #vVvCommunity show Cheers vVvPrEeN
  10. So That's It? You Just Gonna Stop? ... ... ... Never So its been a while since i posted... And so i guess we should get right to it then. It this blog we will check up on the price of failure. To fail at something, failing to do something, to be a failure, what ever the case, the human reaction is usually the same. We will go into how it impacts us emotionally and physically. So lets get into my fail and how I felt, how i reacted and how i proceeded. #vVvCommunity Episode 3... what an episode. I had high hopes for it. i felt confident, i was going to try and not drag topics on and not repeat myself. I had some fun things to show...And i felt pretty satisfied with how it went...Up until the closing song... when i realized my microphone had been muted the hole time... ( I don't need a description for this pic, it says it all. ) Emotionally - After something a lot of things go through your head, most of which are bad. And Again this goes for everyone. ( Maybe not Buddhist monks ) If you make a huge mistake in a Starcraft 2 match, you accidentally click your "back" mouse micro button while writing a blog and lose it all ( done this a couple of times ) ANGER! ( the old msn :@ emoticon ) You hate yourself for what you did, So in my case of doing a complete episode with 0 audio for viewers = self hatred. So i Immediately deleted the VOD, and closed everything and sank into my bed. After the anger wears off, your left with self pity and sadness. Because you messed up and you think the world should stop for you... and even get mad that people don't stop there world for you... I know it must have been some SC2 Match... But in this process you can make 2 moves. Pull out of it, Harder, Better, Faster, and Stronger... Or lose all motivation and sink farther into your bed. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xayisn_harder-better-faster-stronger-river_music Now with this blog coming 2 weeks afterwards. I bet you can guess which one i chose... BUT give me some credit. i did attempt to jump back on the horse. I started this blog a week ago. I knew i had to get myself out of this mood. So i started writing it. And HATED IT!! Every word i wrote i wanted to vomit! So i deleted it and sank into my bed. I wasn't ready. so i took an extra week, played some games. chilled out, Let myself completely relax. From there you have another 2 options. Re-think, Or Do. You can re-go over how you handle things, your process and ideas, or you can continue where you left off. At first I chose re-think. But through this process i remembered that the Pre-Season of the show is made specifically for trial and error. So I left it where it was and I'm continuing... With a couple new things in Mind. This weeks episode will be on Wednesday at around 8 or 9 Est, Featured on it will be the game of the week, The Alive man Contest, VGHS, F2P Games, And Much More, So stay tuned for more blogs, more episodes, contests, articles, and prizes. vVvPrEeN Cheers
  11. Two Down, Hopefully A lot more to come Hello everyone, So I've decided to Blog about every episode of the show. I will not be making one for the last episode, Its present, future, and learn from the past. So before we start id like to talk about the pros and cons of this episode. Pros: Feeling a little more confident doing the show. I'm not a vary social person, and i tend to keep quiet, So one way i have decided to challenge myself was to get out of my comfort zone,and Thus was born the #vVvCommunity Show. Cons: Messed up the intro...and i didn't realize that The vVvCommunity Twitch channel is not connected to a twitter so the stream did not get tweeted. I am hopping that is the reason for the fewer live views. SO LET THE SHOW BEGIN! If you missed the episode and would like to watch it you can find it here! http://www.twitch.tv/livevvvcommunity/b/322256760 Diablo 3 - So first thing i want to say about this game is that its awesome. From when you create your first character, to when you fight Diablo, its awesome!! Then you beat the game, and are expected to replay it 4 more times on that character to get your level 60...and that's where my hatred for this game starts. There are four Acts and they are short... Too short. And when you start to replay the same game over and over and over and over again. Pisses me off! To be fair. I never played Diablo 2, and everyone i talk to say that it was the same thing. So i guess that's my bad for living in the Diablo 1 era. Or maybe i just don't remember the game at all. IF you like to grind and replay the game over and over again and have time for it. Definitely buy this game. Blogs - So first off we have vVv Raptures Blog titled: "So im playing League of Legends And..." My favorite part of this blog is the first line after the title " God Damn it " It sets the mood for how he felt for league of legends and then how it over powered him. Its kind of like hes pissed that he likes the game so much now. As you read the blog he talks about all the different things he likes about league and thats awesome. But the part that talked to me was his first paragraph. And that's because i relate to what hes talking about. He goes on saying at how he didnt want to like it. He was into starcraft and was happy about startcraft and with not knowing league and its scene it was easy to dismiss. He eventually gives in to league. I'm not there yet I Know league is a great game. I Just dont have time to get good at it. So for now I'm going to leave it at un-explored territory. ( vVv Raptures blog can be found here ) Next Blog is vVv Wakais. I read the his most recent blog and was hooked on it, So i went back to read the other ones. Its Genius. Before I continue id like to say that even if you don't like starcraft 2, If your a competitive gamer read this. because it will help. So his blog is one like I've never seen. ( to be fair i have only recently been reading blogs ) Listening to pros on stream, or interviews, you will never hear them say these things to help your game. This blog is filled with intelligent, and personal philosophy of the game that can help any player in any game. I hope you read and adapt what Wakai is blogging about. ( vVv Wakais Blog) Magic the Gathering Skype games. Posted by a inactive user by the name of Zone. A great idea non the less. Very straight forward. Honor Code, Webcam, Card Game = Hours of fun. This is not the steam game, or the xbox game this is the card game and if anyone is interested in playing I'm down! ( Thread ) First Contest! I don't know if you've already seen or heard this type of contest. I'm stealing it from radio shows that i heard do this. So the Contest is that you have to guess the dead man. I mentioned this on the episode but to clear thing up, i was miss informed and this man is actually still alive. But none the less, Guess The Alive guys is a newer adaptation of the contest. How it will work is During the live show The first Person onto mumble into the same channel as me will get the chance to win the prize. The prize is a secret but i think is awesome. It will be revealed at a latter date.You will be able to ask a yes, or no question and followed by the answer you can take a guess. This is a Esports Gaming Organization, so when you ask your questions try something to do with gaming maybe? Hint Hint There was no one on mumble last show so i am giving you guys a chance. First Person to PM me with the subject ( Alive Man Contest ) will be given a shot to ask a question and guess who it is. Good Luck In closing, i really liked the episode, it would of been better if there was a mumble conversation, may have been my fault for not tweeting that the show was live... Oh well, its the pre-season mistakes will be made. But You the community have to help to make the show the show you want. Send in games you think are awesome for game of the week. send in threads, tournaments, blogs, articles, that you read, or post. Thanks for the help guys. PrEeNsCoomunty@Gmail.com PM me, or tweet to #vVvCommunity Cheers
  12. PrEeN

    Being Ahead of The Curve

    lol great blog!
  13. PrEeN

    Human Behavior - Elevators?!

    Yes everyone Elevators! Hello everyone! Before we embark on this strange elevator topic id like to introduce you to the next series in my blogs, Human Behaviour. The Zombie Watch Blogs are not over and i will have both series being updated. To see all the Blog posts in series go Here! So lets get things rolling and jump into this Elevator! A little while ago i used to work at a game testing facility. The facility was located in a large building that required a long walk up and down the stairs, or a magical elevator. Why is the Elevator so magical? Is it so you can be lazy and not have to walk up flight after flight of stairs? Maybe, or could it be because when in the elevator you rise! You are pulled upwards into the skies of the concrete jungle. Why not? My reason you ask? Elevators are magical because inside them the social protocols of everyday life change. Its like running through that magical wall in the train station ( Harry Potter ) What lies on the other side is?...Magical! So your standing in front of the doors waiting for the elevators, and you might not think about it, you just walk in. Press your button, stand there and when your door comes, you walk out. You continue on your day and its as if nothing happened. And most people see it that way. But Today i hope to change that. I hope that when your done reading this and you find yourself in front of an elevator. Your mind will be open to the magic. So back to the Story your standing in front of the door. For the Purpose of the story this is an elevator that isnt just used by you and the people you know, It is either the elevator shared by several buildings or departments. So you are standing there and you will either be accompanied by someone you know, you'll be with people you don't know or both. And if you notice, its kinda quiet. people may be talking, but there isn't a lot of energy in the room. Its minimal movement, this is because everyone deep down knows, and are preparing for whats about to happen. The doors open and people start to funnel in ( Usually first come first serve basis ) and you can now be met with a large variety of different types of people. The Immune: The Immune are the ones that don't pay attention to the magic the elevator has to offer, they walk in and walk out, they use the elevator for its base mechanical design. What ever the Elevator has to offer, they are not interested. The Emotional: The Emotional live in there own head, Social Protocol means nothing to them. They are usually the loudest and move around the most. They can be in several forms from kids just living there life, to the " Successful Business man" who doesn't care about anyone. The Timid: Exactly as the definition of the word, These are the silent ones, the people that walk in talking, and as soon as the doors shut. they are silent. They are awkward and scan the room to make sure nothing bad will happen to them. When they walk out of the elevator they continue to talk as if nothing happened. The Sheriff: The Sheriffs are the ones that play it cool, they walk into the elevator talking and will continue as if nothing has happened. But they are aware of the dangers around the corner. They get set off by the immune and emotional. When the Social Protocol of the elevator is broken they lash out to destroy the threat, They fight back with many tactics, they do not use anger or frustration to get there way. There give blank stares of anger. They make sudden moves. they are in and out very quick and quiet. The Angry: Not much to say. they just so happen to be angry. They hate life, people, doesn't matter what type you are. they're coming for you. They hate how oblivious the immune are. They want to crush the Emotional Cocky face. They despise how weak the timid are. And there natural born nemesis are the sheriffs. The Magical: The Magical are the people that are just plain crazy. They think that Elevators are MAGICAL! They are usually escaped metal patients, or can sometimes be they kid with to much free time on his hands. When they walk into an elevator the watch as all the other types battle to stay alive. They are the instigators. They know what buttons to push, but use the knowledge wisely, except in the case of them being plain old crazy. Ounce they get in the elevator they do not take the mandatory 180 degree turn to face the elevator door. They stare at the back wall and enjoy all the faces they get. They get way to close to people and invade there space. They are the Type that usually end up injured at the end of the ride because all the other types end up balancing out. This is a video of what magical people do. What do you do if you walk into an elevator and you cross eyes with a Magical Type? After hundreds of hours in research, Millions of dollars spent, there were only two possible outcomes that ever had a slim chance at working. 1. Eliminate the Magical one. If you kill the magical one the threat is gone and you are safe. But what happens after wards seems to be worse then the initial threat. You are stopped by the police for the murder of an individual. You explain the story. As you explain you start to realize something. The cop thinks your crazy. All this talk about magical ones. and magic elevators. You go to a looney bin and never come out. If you Kill a Magical one. you seem to catch its curse. 2. Temporary insanity. Your mind must venture into the world of the magical one for a split second. YOU MUST be more insane and more crazy, then the magical one to defuse him. But in many studies, when this is done with a sheriff or anger type. It usually ends in them killing you. Good Luck! So tell me, What type are you? What have you noticed in elevators? Leave your comments here, Email them to PreensCommunity@Gmail.com or PM me. Until Next Time Cheers!
  14. PrEeN

    Zombie Report 2 - The Horde On The Move

    Thanks Spike!