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  1. Formally know as Sugar, whats the story behind the name change?

  2. Hey guys, is anyone playing R6S on pc? Looking to group up with some people
  3. Looking for PC Rainbow Six Siege players. Does vVv have any?

  4. im def interested in this! see you all wednesday on mumble
  5. Hello everyone, there is a local board game store in Quebec, Montreal being harassed by the language police. There is a law in Quebec (article 54 de la Loi 101) that says if there is no French equivalent to something trying to be sold, then you may not sell it. The language police are trying to shut this place down for selling board games that were never made in french in the first place. The owner of the store has started an online petition to protest against this law. With vVv being a gaming community, i feel like we should all band together to help this gaming store. Please sign the petition and share with everyone you know. Thank you very much Petition: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/shut-down-the-oqlf-for-good-join-our-fight facebook page of the store: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chez-Geeks/166290090047995
  6. PrEeN

    F2P Players

    i dont think u can get houses because ur F2P
  7. Hey, i didnt actually get to try archeage yet, does anyone wanna group up to do the landgrab? preferably ppl who have done it, i dont want to get lost, or take to long while doing it
  8. i think im going to have to write the quest names down, dont wanna miss anything
  9. PrEeN


    Hey anyone playing rust on steam? most evil, unforgiving game ive ever played, but when u accomplish something its the best ever! Let me know if anyones playing
  10. My first hexa game our mid got 2 pentas but we never got the penta... was soooo sad
  11. you guys sure that ppl from vvv didnt just make a server?
  12. Hey, My brother, Sister, and I are looking for +2 ppl to play league, My sister is very new to the game ( lvl 10 ish ) im pretty new to the game (lvl 20 something) and my brother is lvl 30 ranked silver from last season, looking for 2ppl in that range of skill to practice. Let me know~!
  13. lame, i hate stress tests, and yes i know is under NDA i didnt say anything about it it is not s secret title and me saying the game name does not breach anything or saying that i will test it doesnt either, just wanted some mumble friends while i play
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