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  1. happy birthday

  2. Ive been using textbooks and stuff as mousepads, still dont understand how it helps the movement of the mouse but i would love to get one soon
  3. Excellent article. Some of the games brings back good memories.
  4. I am so PUMPED for todays Match

  5. 1781 baby, i wonder when we will ever reach 10000
  6. aint really a fan of monday blues.. but the logo rapes though
  7. Welcome and stay active on the site
  8. Im impressed this game lasted over a decade, though it seems srota dying now. But i had great experience playing this game.
  9. I dont really know you yet but good luck man !
  10. NORTHEAST FTWWWWWW, though im fine with chicago.
  11. lol, good interview, i chuckled here and there
  12. Good luck on your application, i cant wait to play rift too and mayb u can teach me some
  13. welcome bro, enjoy your stay
  14. Welcome again