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  1. Balmung just sounds raunchy
  2. It wouldn't be League if it wasn't All Random All Botlane
  3. Most of those nerfs are very minor. Everything needs to be nerfed until ADC is in the game for more than to push towers and DPS baron.
  4. Actually that was more directed at the people who don't do anything but talk about how good things used to be than intended for you.
  5. Staff is and has always been willing to listen.
  6. How is BDO? I've heard it's become very "pay to compete" with real-money purchasable content giving you pretty big advantages when it comes to major loot events (world bosses or something?). Any thoughts on that? Do you see yourself playing it for a while? What are some things you want to change to make your life great and enjoyable? Do any of those relate to gaming? I understand Bagzli's perspective because it feels like there's just a long parade of old-timers doing nothing, waiting for things to get better, and then making angsty melodramatic posts that lack any real substance or feedback when they decide to leave. I also understand that this isn't what your intentions were when you wrote this post, but it does strike a similar chord. Just looking at the responses on your Facebook post it's clear that others felt you were joining with them in that kind of exit, so it's understandable that Bagzli would pick up on that. I also feel like there's too much focus on negativity and "but things used to be this way...". You'll never see the way forward by looking backward. People who get disgruntled and then leave because "things used to be better" are just a distraction. Give me some feedback with substance and we can talk. I get it though. Leading is hard. Extremely hard. To me now, it seems so obvious what people could do to improve the organization, but looking back to where I started I also had no fucking idea how to lead. Fuck, I didn't even know how to be authentic back then, not even with myself, what a critical skill to be missing in a leader. People feel like they don't even know where to start, and for the most part they are too afraid of failure to even try, so of course nothing happens. I get it. I don't blame anyone. I just want to look forward and build something that makes the world better, something that I really believe in and can put my passion behind. Dwelling on what one facet of a community was like half a decade ago doesn't inspire me, and it's amazing to me that people spend so much time doing it. People went inactive and left in 2012 too. People went inactive and left when we had teams competing at every MLG and even teams who stood a pretty decent chance of winning. Look at the list: #BelievVve anyone? Glon facing off against Stephano and making him sweat? Ruff making it to the top 16 in an INTERNATIONAL SC2 competition? REO and CDJr winning 1st and 2nd every MLG for an entire season? People will leave. I had to struggle with people to get them active on the forums , active on the shoutbox, and active in-game the entire time I was on staff, so that's nothing new either. Looking at who comes and goes, or who is posting what, it's all wind. What impact we can have on the world tomorrow, how to position ourselves to make that difference, and how to most effectively budget our time and effort to pursue our passion is substance. I'd rather vVv become a group of 3 people actively working toward that type of change than 100 people playing games poorly, jerking themselves off on the forums, and waiting for someone else to do something about their problems. Gaming is huge. It's a huge opportunity to connect with people and make a difference. Look at Operation Supply Drop. Look at Extra Life and Child's Play. Riot improving the quality of life for esports athletes. Twitch supporting gamers who want to stream games for a living. Even some guild leader running Uncle Woody's Fucking Clan just to create a space for people to laugh and socialize together, all of it contributes to making a better world. We can all make a difference if we want to. I'd encourage each and every person making a post negging on vVv or even dwelling on the past to instead use that time and energy to think of one thing they'd like to change in the world, and come up with a plan to lead that change. I think that would be a much better use of time and energy.
  7. Hey Sean, I remember meeting you at a couple MLGs but unfortunately never really got a chance to bond with you. I'm curious if you are still playing games, and if so, what games are you playing right now? Would also love to hear what's important in your life right now. Other than reminiscing about old times, what do you see in the world that you'd like to change and in what way would you change it?
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  12. http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/champion-update-ryze-rune-mage
  13. That gif... looks like he's getting a bj LOL
  14. =/ =/= ≠
  15. Any reason for going the Pentium route over an i5 right now? If it's a budgetary concern it might make more sense to just wait, chips at that level aren't hugely more expensive than each other (a low-end i5 is roughly twice the cost of that Pentium chip). It's a real hastle to replace a CPU considering the order everything needs to go into the case: CPU into Mobo Cooling solution onto Mobo Mobo onto case PSU onto mobo Expansion cards that you'll have to remove while you work with the CPU Consider if it's worth holding off to avoid having to go through all that again, cleaning off the cooler when you replace the processor, reapplying thermal paste, and then putting everything back in the case. RAM seems low for a 64 bit system. Even on a low-spec system I'd go for at least 8-16 GB. Windows 10 recommended specs for 64-bit says that the OS alone will take up 2GB so you will run out fast. Also your mobo supports clock speeds at 1600 but that RAM chip is only specced at 1333 so it's not optimal. If it's a cost thing it should still work though. How old are the disks and what is your backup solution? Check the MTBF from the manufacturer to make sure they are still reliable. Sadly 60 GB isn't enough to install any/many games on, although it will help your OS load times. What is your current monitor setup? You might need a DVI-to-HDMI adapter if you have two monitors on DVI currently. You can use a PSU calculator to determine power consumption needs: http://images10.newegg.com/BizIntell/tool/psucalc/index.html?name=Power-Supply-Wattage-Calculator&nm_mc=KNC-GoogleKWLess&cm_mmc=KNC-GoogleKWLess-_-DSA-_-CategoryPages-_-NA&gclid=Cj0KEQjw1cS6BRDvhtKL89em1oIBEiQAtZO5x0VT-Ad2L1KzQ_H1J3NhDOltoIYl_8qVMm7NwytjAqYaAtpR8P8HAQ&gclsrc=aw.ds http://www.coolermaster.com/power-supply-calculator/ - much more customizable You don't list an optical drive. They aren't really needed nowadays with everything being digital, but just wanted to check and make sure you left it out on purpose. Even Blu-Ray burners are pretty cheap though. Finally, how much do you want to end up upgrading this thing later? That mobo only has 2 RAM slots which is fairly limiting.