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    • vVv Medusa

      We Moved from Mumble to TeamSpeak!   10/06/2015

      TeamSpeak 3 Guide
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      Server address: ts65.gameservers.com:9222
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        If you have any questions or need help, just ask a staff member or send me a PM!

      Guide to using plugins (add-ons) with TS3. This is NOT required: (Coming Soon)
    • vVv Medusa

      LoL ADL Season 8 Begins 2/19 at 9pm EST   02/06/2016

      Are you excited for the ADL's return of it's 8th season? Because we are! Be in TeamSpeak on February 19th at 9pm EST (6pm PST) to play! Want all the details? Click here to read all about the League of Legends Amateur Draft League!


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  • Full Name Greg Milliken
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  • Favorite Games fun games
  • Favorite Foods delicious foods
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  • Interests LoL, MMA, BJJ (haven't trained in a while though), Valve's management scheme, powerlifting (more rehabbing injuries lately)
  1. Anyone watching Bleach since they started up the series again?

    Sorry, didn't mean to hype you up! I just haven't watched the series since it originally ended lol
  2. Operations and Flashpoints [Must Read]

    I haven't logged in since I was the only one to show up on a Saturday night a few weeks ago. Been playing LoL/WoWS instead. 
  3. WoWS: What's Coming in 2016

    Yeah, first four tiers go pretty quick. Even grinding out the Myoko missions has been really fast for leveling my Cleveland to a Peniscola.
  4. WoWS: What's Coming in 2016

    I've been playing. Lots of fun so far unlocking Kongo, now working on the other two. Also cleared all the pearls missions.
  5. Revs Application

    How goes the CS:GOing?
  6. Wargaming starting to understand their community

    lol that's awesome
  7. Double post Please delete

    I for one appreciate this double post. Let it be remembered and immortalized for all time!
  8. I've been watching it over from the beginning since it's been a few years. I'm at the Masumura filler arc right now and it's so slow it's painful.
  9. Any hwun playing?

    I've been grinding out the first part of the Kongo Missions they released in January and finally finished tonight. Also been leveling all the tech trees since I have the port slots available. I now am trying to upgrade my Langley into a Bogue so I can get the 150 T5 planes shot down part. Should be pretty quick since I'm average 30+ per battle in my Langley.   Right now I'm on: - T6 USN line - T5 German, Russian lines - T4 IJN line
  10. Alexander Querevalu

    Been listening to this lately. It's really beautiful.      
  11. Cherp's Art for Review

    Have you read Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain? Book gets amazing reviews.    http://www.amazon.com/Drawing-Right-Side-Brain-Definitive/dp/1585429201/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1454213085&sr=8-1&keywords=drawing+for+the+right+side+of+the+brain
  12. Aatrox - Very good late game, I really think with a tanky-ish build he outscales everyone in the game because of his amazing lifesteal. I prefer him top lane, but Jungle is still good, you just have to grind out Sated Devourer and take longer to scale since you don't get lifesteal on your first item. Top I usually went Ravenous Hydra for the AoE/Active proc/Lifesteal boost. Almost every game was a Spirit Visage rush and also randuins usually before any second damage items.   Ahri - Easy wins in low ELO, easy to play, the bonus movespeed on her Q makes her very safe. Not much to say really.   Akali - Akali flat out dominates top lane. Mid lane she gets hard countered by Morg and completely shut down. Either way she ends up getting fed after she finishes gunblade. Surprisingly hard to close out games, especially if the enemy team has damage and CC. Winning lane is super easy when you understand her double Q engage.   Alistar - Not the easiest, and at times can feel useless after you blow your abilities in team fights since they are on such a long cool down. That means you have to make sure you get really good use out of them, which can be difficult sometimes. Fun to play in lane since headbutt into wall + pulverize = about 7 seconds of CC. Great synergy with Yasuo.   Amumu - Pretty easy jungler once you get decent at landing Q. Good clear with the new jungle item (Talisman). Pretty easy to carry especially since you can build tank and still do decent damage. Pretty blue reliant and runs out of mana fast, even late game just because of his ability spam.   Anivia - Pretty safe champ, good pick vs assassins. Pre-six you struggle a bit, but if you CS well then you can get your chalice and RoA by 12-15 minutes. At level 6 the game goes super easy mode. You just run up and clear a wave and then wait for the next wave. If you jungler is smart enough to give you blue buffs then you can do this til you can afford RoA. Otherwise you'll have to go b for Chalice first. With your passive, super waveclear, and playing passive you almost never die in lane and are almost impossible to gank.   Annie - Support Annie kind of sucked last season after her attack range nerf, and when Ahri became FOTM going mid-lane Annie was awful. Nowadays Ahri isn't an every game pick, so you can play her again. Super easy Q farming, game-winning engage, and now Lucidity boots give cooldown on summoners which is a pretty huge Annie buff, along with the mastery that reduces flash summoner cooldowns.   Ashe - Despite being relatively immobile, her kit makes it easy to carry, especially if you have a lane partner that synergizes with your kit (level 6 farm kills). The new items in S6 don't really change much, but the Oppressor mastery gives you a permanent 2.5% damage boost since every auto attack is a slow. I would use Deathfire Touch with her because volley is almost never on cooldown and by the time you have an impact in fights it will probably be better than Thunderlord's, and Warlord's is almost useless since you already have a slow and don't need the movement speed to kite.    Bard - I feel like Bard is the Lee Sin of supports. He's either really really good if you are better than your opponents, but if you aren't then he's going to be completely useless. It's really fun to make portals through terrain to chase or set up cool plays and ganks. His ult is also a high-skill ability that requires you to use it well, otherwise you'll end up saving the enemy team from your teams wombo combo. It's best used to set up ganks or split the enemy team during fights, or to save allies from certain death (Zed ult). The chime minigame is annoying, but late game his meeps do a lot of damage so it's a necessary part of playing him.
  13. Ranked 5s please..................

    That's interesting. How is Challenger Series going to work this season then?
  14. Dynamic Queue is HERE

    The only thing I dislike is queueing up as secondary support and then 9/10 games or more I end up supporting. They should implement a priority queue where if you play support and support is in demand it puts you at the front of the line for your next game or something.