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      We Moved from Mumble to TeamSpeak!   10/06/2015

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vVv OrganicBear

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  • Twitter http://www.twitter.com/vVvsugarbear
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  • Full Name Greg Milliken
  • Gender Male
  • Location Northern Virginia
  • Alias SugarBear
  • Stream Link http://www.twitch.tv/vvvsugarbear
  • Favorite Games fun games
  • Favorite Foods delicious foods
  • Favorite Movies entertaining movies
  • Favorite Music good bands
  • Interests LoL, MMA, BJJ (haven't trained in a while though), Valve's management scheme, powerlifting (more rehabbing injuries lately)
  1. Stix's Application

    Awww cats! I'll have to send Medusa into this thread
  2. [RL] Supermario55's Application!

    Application accepted! Welcome to vVv Gaming!
  3. Stix's Application

    Hey man, long time no see! Do you play any other games or are you basically just speed running these days? I know our Rocket League Tournaments are pretty big and we still do ADL for League if you're interested (you don't have to just mentioning things). How do you like Washington? And what's a fur baby? Do you rememberGilbert Gottfried UP ALL NIGHT!?
  4. MADE IT!

    Nonsense you can get there in a week!
  5. [LoL] vVv Br0ken's Re-App

    Hey Broken, gonna close this due to inactivity and lack of value. Let me know if you have any questions.
  6. [LoL] Atrax's Re-Application; My computer finally works!

    Hey buddy, I'm going to close your app due to inactivity and lack of value. Let me know if you have any questions.
  7. [POLL] Game Server Community at vVv

    That's great, there are communities that have successfully used their servers to generate traffic (seemingly). What do they do to convert that traffic?
  8. who still plays

    You can turn off email notifications on your profile
  9. MADE IT!

    Congrats on the plat border! What's next?
  10. Best. Baron. Call. Ever.

    I'm glad you eventually remembered how to breathe again xD
  11. Been mastering champs A-Z thoughts so far

    NP Ashe is interesting because in a lot of ways she's the easiest ADC since her passive and ult make kiting really easy, and at the same time one of the hardest because he lack of an escape make her really vulnerable to dives. Using your ult well will definitely help you and your team break that balance in your favor though.
  12. Been mastering champs A-Z thoughts so far

    Start typical dorans pot yellow trinket. Runes should be standard attack speed based marksman. Try to farm a bfsword first recall. Play safe unless the enemy come in range then try to stack q and all-in (unless they have a much stronger lane). At level 6 if your support has cc you can engage with your ult to try for flash or a kill. Try to stack q first though. Build ie -> shiv or runaans -> lw if they are buying armor or shiv/runaans otherwise. Take the warlords mastery since the heavy crit will give you tons of life steal for free and help you stay alive and win fights. Get boots 2 some time after IE. Mid game always stay with your team (you have no mobility so alone = dead). Look for opportunities to catch an enemy carry with your ult, otherwise poke from Max range with w and save your ult to help you kite. If the enemy is pushing stay behind your team and wait for the fight to start unless you can catch with your ult. Always try to kite from Max range and attack the highest threat champion in range (threat = damage).
  13. [POLL] Game Server Community at vVv

    I've seen a number of communities host servers, but have never seen active communities on any of them. How would we bridge that gap?
  14. SteelSeries Gold Xai Mouse - 6 years later

    Funny story, I opened this post as Mr. Jones was playing on the radio.
  15. Been mastering champs A-Z thoughts so far

    It's probably harder not to take kills lol. I can see why she carries in low elo though. Top feeds then fed akali shows up in your lane, surrender votes and tilting ensues