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Rage mT

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  1. Rage mT

    PS3 Recorder:

    I am more than willing to help out and record some theater games. Just need to HMU on PSN when it returns. PSN= Rage_mT HMU on Skype in the meantime: MLGRagemT
  2. Rage mT

    CoD Competitive playlist!

    I think the competitive playlist will only help the Black Ops community. Also, it will provide a great source for teams to find warm up games in a matter of seconds. I just wish PSN would come back so I can enjoy the playlist. I really wish I hadn't sold my 360.
  3. Disappointing doubles match tonight. I got "lagged out" for the first time mid match and gave other team two caps and lost dom firing range.

  4. RT @MLGTeePee: ive gotten about 70 followers since monday :D, someone boost me to 400!

  5. Not looking forward to writing this paper tomorrow for INART class...

  6. One day we hope to dance in celebration, but today we must dance for a cure. #PSU #THON

  7. Help stop kids with cancer! Donate to THON! Penn State raised over 7 Mill last year lets help the kids with more! www.thon.org #mlg

    1. ReV


      i agree these kids are on a rampage doing as they please and they must be stopped at all costs

    2. ReV


      jk good cause

  8. Rage mT

    MLG is hiring!

    I applied. Finding kids who are worth teaming with for the upcoming Black Ops season has been difficult. Having a chance to reff will get me exposed to the events and meet the people behind the scenes. I hope I hear from them soon.
  9. Had a disappointing finish in the GB Tourney tonight. Still a decent showing in SnD. I am looking forward to the next tournament.

  10. Couldn't find a TS on PS3 because the forums are behind on GB. Another wasted night...

  11. Rage mT

    Who will be joining me?

    I am looking at ticket prices as we speak. I really want to go to Dallas this year!
  12. This snow we are getting in State College is really slowing down my DL speed and this PS3 system update is taking FOREVER!!

  13. Rage mT


  14. Rage mT

    Home on PS3

    Sounds like a great source to network on the PSN. I personally have yet to explore PSN Home but might have to check it out now...
  15. Rage mT

    Uncharted 3 Teaser Trailer [HD]

    I am looking forward to this game. I personally have not played the first or second but have watched my roommates play both multiple times.